Shoes for RTL

I realize there are other threads for shoes.

But since I’m looking at traveling long distance on my new 36" i’d like to here input from others

Consider rain, sweat, weight, laces.

I thought about wearing sandles too.

What are your thoughts.

Sandals No. Ask Harper for photo evidence as to why.

I like the Van’s with the waffle bottoms. The “Off the Wall” model with the stiff soles.

Or see the spam thread below…looks like lots of sneakers available from China.

Though I am new to Cokering, I am using Oakley I think they are called “Forge” MTB shoes. They are spd compatable, so very stiff. No arch fatigue. They look like a skate shoe, but much stiffer.

I’m currently breaking in my second pair of 5-10s so they’ll be ready for RTL. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. They’re very comfortable, have a stiff sole and seem to hold up well.

I have the “high tops” for muni and picked up a pair of lows for cokering.

I see they are now offering some reasonably priced Ba51c shoes. If anyone has tried them I’d be interested in hearing a review.