Shoes and pants preference

:sunglasses: Does anybody have any sugestions as to what would be the most appropriate tennishoes to have for unicycling? I think it should be one that is a little stiff (where the pedal goes) but provides cushion (for bailouts). which shoe would that be?
:thinking: What pants do you wear and why ?

5.10 shoes for a semi-rigid sole with super-grip

Bike shorts (padded), for the padding. Those come in many types; I really like my Pearl Izumis for regular bike shorts, but use several different brands of mountain bike shorts.

Me thinks you havnee done a search… :sunglasses:
Go on, have a good search, you’ll find some good suggestions like Five-Tens, Teva’s, vans etc.
Pants, well try cycle shorts with the added bit for comfyness and stretchy kecks.

Hey, Mr Foss beat to it…I’d have got in there first you know if I wasn’t busy mopping up the honey that I’d just spilt down my front :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I agree.

I use ROC leather shoes with a hard rubber sole that extends beyond the edge of the uppers. I think they are actually designed for riding to school on a bicycle as they are not especially comfortable for walking.

The stiff sole is less fussy about where it is on the pedal. This was especially useful before I could adjust my foot position on the move. I have ridden substantial distances with my foot quite misplaced.

The wide sole prevents damage to the uppers by keeping them clear of the cranks It also reduces the tendency to roll the ankle on UPDs even though the upper is quite low cut.

I added a sports insole for extra padding. This is not so much for bailing as to make them more comfortable on long rides.

I think ideally the rider should just be able to feel the pedal pins so you know where you are on the pedal without looking.

I wear Polaris gel knicks with thin cotton shorts over them to protect them from damage in case of falls. Moreover I don’t want to look like a MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra).

I found the extra bit of bounce in the gel allowed me to go over larger bumps in the pavement without actively negotiating them. This let me sit up straighter. I ride mainly on concrete footpaths where there are many small misalignments.

I also like the way the boundary between the Nimbus gel saddle and Polaris gel becomes blurred. I get good feedback without the shock.

I have not used shorts with a chamois crotch so I can’t compare.

One thing for sure, extra protection and something to keep “the equipment” in place is important.


Thanks guys! Today I went for a ride around my neighborhood and decided to use my old mountain biking team racing uniform. It was quite a different experience. I did not have to worry about the Family jewels “getting in the way” and I was all around more comfortable. Though I guess I did look like a MAMIL (lol). I dont know where to buy those leather shoes. I was thinking of buying bmx type of shoes should I not find those shoes that you sugested.

I’m not picky about pants really - sometimes I’ll wear padded shorts underneath, sometimes I won’t, depends how thick and padded the pants already are (And the shorts make me sweat something rotten too…)

Shoes however - gotta be work boots for me. I used to wear skate shoes primarily (before I started uni riding) and they became a problem very quickly (Flat soles = feet slip off) so now I wear boots with a heel on them which I push up to the back of my pedals for secure-ness. Plus with a steel toe, I’m yet to hurt myself falling off (at least, hurt my feet!) so, I’ll not be changing back :smiley:

it might work for you

Boots might work for you but i’m thinking HEAVY! I want a shoe that will help me go the distance. But thanks for your input.

A good point. It depends on what kind of riding.

I just ride. No tricks. No jumps. So I use the balls of my feet on the pedals like an ordinary bicyclist does. My shoes do have a heel which is good if I do a badly aimed freemount but normally it wouldn’t really matter to me.

Styles of riding where you have your instep on the pedal would definitely be better with a heel.

My biggest problem is the shoe drifting backwards and I have sometimes contemplated the possibility of something at the front of the shoe to stop it. However I can imagine that could be a problem when running out of a UPD.

My shoes look something like this but an older model:

Hard to say if the soles are the same.

I only paid four dollars at an op shop. I bought them before I took up unicycling but didn’t wear them because they were not that comfortable for walking.

Now I am glad I bought two pairs.

Shoes: For me, any Converse sneakers except the kind with the thick rubbery sole are good: No space unnecessarily taken up on the pedals, a thin sole so I know where my feet are, just enough tread to catch on pedal pins.

Pants: On a 29," I went for a 50km ride recently in my usual stretchy cotton gym shorts, and had only minimal chafing. I’m not convinced padded shorts would help much, and they might even get in the way or something, but most of my riding time is spent on a 20." I am usually hopping, riding seat-out or falling off after trying weird tricks, so I seldom spend much time just sitting on the seat.

Padded bike shorts and 5-10 Impact Low. I used to have softer-soled high-tops, but my feet were hurting from the pressure placed on my arches. A harder shoe seems to distribute body weight across the foot. I didn’t like the 5-10s for a while, because I had trouble adjusting my feet on the pinned pedals, and they squeaked when they rubbed up against the cranks. Both these issues slowly worked themselves out. The 5-10 low have a lot of padding next to the ankle, putting some distance between the ankle and the cranks, so I rarely bash my ankles on the cranks.

Have to admit, it took several rides to get my feet to adjust but I think they are fully broken in now. I think they will serve me well.

I’m a 'just ride’er too :smiley: I do some very easy off-road (with VERY occasional more techy stuff) and road-riding mostly. I don’t pedal towards the front of my foot for the same reason you said - I’m scared I’ll slide off the back! :smiley: Though with my bear-trap pedals I doubt it’d be a real issue.

Off topic but that’s a newsworthy nugget there. Congratulations on the achievement, Song!

Wow those look very nice! On the same page at amazon I saw some Tevas that look like what I’m looking for. Im glad I started this thread!

I suggest you search the forums for info on those. There’s a fair amount.

Saw those, looked interesting (even though I try to avoid stuff made in China if I can), glad to know they’re uni-friendly.

And for the pants, my funniest purchase (made my girlfriend laugh at least) was a pair of those, on sale:
Aussie Bum WonderJock
I have no problem with the size of my package, but someone here suggested that they do a good job at keeping the jewels out of the way!

once I used speedos as uderware and it helped a lot. these seem to do the same thing. {no matter the size of the package (ahem…) lol

The thing that’s appealing about those is that they have a low waistband. Typically, by the time I get my undershorts hiked up enough to make sure “everything” is secure and out of the way, the waistband is up around my navel (or above), and I have to fold it down. These look like they would avoid that, perhaps I’ll give them a try.