shoe type?

What kind of shoe is best for freedtyle??

Budd White

I’ve heard Vans are the best if you’ve got studded metal pedals. I’ve got them, so I use my Globes and they work pretty well.

I use classic old school vans and have great soles for muni and what not. go to and go to the classics, then old skool.


Ew to Vans (personal choice), and a big ew to pinned pedals for Freestyle!

Pins and Freestyle are a bad combination. I used to use “toothy” BMX type pedals, but later switched to plastic pedals with some tread, but no nasty teeth. They can still raise a bruise.

Then it’s nice to have a good tread on your shoes, to grip the pedals, frame, and tire. I like turf shoes. These are like soccer or even golf shoes. Not with big cleats on them, but something like 1/4" knobbies.

Here’s an old picture of my old Nike turf shoes (great for all things wheel walking). They’re kind of worn down. This was the day I did a glide of 0.8 mile, the known record at the time (1987 or 88). You can see what the tire did to the shoe, but also what the shoe did to the tire. You can’t see the smell.

Also visible in the picture are my old racing pedals. Skyway was the brand. Super-light, and super-sharp. Very not recommended for Freestyle!


I’m fond of Adidas “Sambas”- somewhat similar to the turf shoes, but may be easier to find. They’re flexible in the toes with a very flat base. The grip works well if you have some tread on your pedals, and they’re quite lightweight. They’re not so good if you need a lot of arch support, though.

I wear Vans but being an ex-soccer player I can definitly see wear sambas would do the job!

if you are going to get tennis shoes, get New Balance! MOST of their products are NOT made in sweat shops…

i ride wearing an old pair of black velcro shoes. They work just as well as vans but for a tenth of the price.

I use The new Adidas Sala indoor soccer shoe and when used with Snafu pedals it is like glue…I would reccomend this setup to anyone who wants good grip for trials…

Oops… my bad. I didn’t notice the whole freestyle thing.

I also have to say the Addidas Samba shoes are the best I’ve had. THe grip lasts for ages and there small so great for wheel walking :slight_smile:


I wear plain light Converse shoes… quite cheap and I love the “bare naked feet” feeling

I have been using Leather Converse All Star High Tops for several months now and like them a lot. The sole is not as wide as the Canvas Converse (I am still learning wheel-walk but sole width is not an issue). They are holding up well to pinned pedals. The thicker sides have completely eliminated any KH Knob bites on my ankles.

They usually retail about $40 US, I got mine on a 25% off sale.

I’ve been meaning to take pics and post in Unicycle Product Review for quite a while. I swear I’ll do it soon (someday).

I use SIXSIXONE Filter shoes. They are really really good, but for freestyle the soles could be a bit thinner…


Lo-Cut Etnies, not too bulky, simple tread pattern, so it’s easy for you feet to find their comfy spot and thinnish soled. Love em.

thanx for the help

I just bought a pair of Converse and they are awsome. I can wheel walk way better than before.


Re: shoe type?

Hi-Tec Magnum steel-toed jump boots: plenty of support, no ankle dings, et