Shoe tightness

Hi Guys!
I bought five ten karver not so long ago and was wondering how tight they have to be. I have tried to lace them up pretty hard but when I unicycle i could still feel that my feet at the front are moving insted of the shoos when i try to re-allign them.
Plus they look a big silly when the part over laces is bunched up :wink:

Hi. Try thicker socks ?
You’re worried about your laces looking silly ??? :roll_eyes:
Mine are cut down so there’s not much left, just enough to fasten twice. A big knot in the end of each lace to stop em going through the eyelets when I pull em open to slide my feet in. HTH :slight_smile:

Ha ha not worried about laces there is a cover with velcro over laces but it just looks funny when laces are tight… I might have to upload image

I don’t wear five ten’s but I do second the thicker socks recommendation! It does become a problem in summer though :smiley:

Yeah, rubbing is the enemy. Sounds like maybe you could stand to try a half size smaller, but you can’t really change that now. I’d sa keep em tight unless it is uncomfortable for you.

My karvers did that too. I ordered a half size larger because every review I found said they run small, but they’re too big. Wish I had just gone with my normal size. I just tighten them as much as I can all the way up to the ankles. I don’t even notice the big size now. Maybe I’ve broken them in. The toe box does feel pretty wide in these. If you have the correct size, maybe that is the problem. :-/

I’ve fought this battle many, many times, as my feet tend to land exactly in between shoe sizes. For years I wore shoes that never fit quite right until I discovered … cheap gel insoles!

They’re about $10 where I live; the better ones “ironman” have an extra piece of hard plastic underneath for added support. I don’t know how much your shoes cost, but this will save you at least $100 instead of buying another pair of shoes.

I usually toss the flimsy stock insole, and sometimes I even use two gel insoles in one shoe, if necessary. With gel insoles you can really dial in the fit perfectly. I use them in all my shoes, and they really have improved the quality of my life. (No, I do not manufacture or sell these products.)

Insoles might be good idea! The length is ok but just around the toes and mid of my feet they feel lose so when i press really hard on pedals or want to ajust foot while pedalling it is harder to adjust shoe position when my foot is moving side to side.
I will get some insoles tomorrow :slight_smile:

Are you sure you got the right sized shoe?

The Karver’s insoles aren’t removable and if you stack an insole on top of the built-in one, your heel might come up upon every step. Tried this, even with my fancy heel-sinching tie I learned as a running shoe salesperson. :-/ might work for you, but I didn’t have such luck.

I use a second insole (one of the ones with arch support) inside my impact lows. I do have crazily collapsed arches. Even with the ridiculous amount of insole, my feet are kept securely in place by the shoe. AFAIK karvers and impact lows are very similar designs.

Also have you tried re-lacing them. Many shoes are sold with laces set up so that they dont tighten easily. I find it best to completely re-lace any new shoes I get for this reason.

The size is just right

Thanks guys for all your help!

I have the new verison and they are quite easy to remove :slight_smile:

So i just got new laces wide ones and they seem much better at keeping bottom of the shoes tight!

I should post that picture earlier sou you could see how they look like :wink:


I did a face plant once because me laces got wrapped up in the spokes.

I use Yankz to replace my laces in my Five-Ten Red Barons. They slip on like a loafer. Plus your shoe selection is not limited to models that have the lace cover.

Still, it really helps to have the correct shoe size…


Same here!!!

Holy crap, guys. I bought my Karvers when I bought my woodland boots and my insoles don’t come out of the boots. After seeing your photos, I checked mine and they come out!!! This whole time I could have had insoles but I confused the wrong shoes!!! Dang it!! Sorry for my incorrect advice.

Lenght is ok but this shoes are a bit wide :slight_smile:
I don’t think this would be strong enough!

Something really simple that makes my shoes more comfortable and fitting is changing the way they are laced.

This website has hundreds of different styles, each with a bit of information about why to/not to use them.

Plus, people notice my laces now…

I swear, the internet has a passion-site for EVERYTHING…

In all seriousness, I’ve had more than one face-plant from my laces getting stuck… I tuck them in but they worm their way out :angry: My preferred footwear is steel toecap workboots, and for whatever reason, they always come with about 8 miles of shoelace. I figured boots built for safety wouldn’t have such a tripping hazard, but there you are!

Has anyone used the elastic-type shoelaces with boots? How tight do they go? :slight_smile:

I now use the Ian knot for about two years and ists be best an fastest i’ve ever known. Never getting loose