shoe laces

While I was riding my 29 in unicycle today my shoe lace came untied and wrapped around my pedal…ugh…It tightened really fast and I flew forward off my unicycle. You’ll have this… Glad I was wearing my knee pads and wrist guards… and helmet.
Mike A.

Wow! That sounds like it must have been graceful!

this has happend to me before also. glad you are ok.

Happened to me racing my 29" at pennies in the park, luckily I carried on and my laces snapped. Tuck them in people!

Tuck them in people!!! I know someone who broke their arm with a lace wrap!!!

Try these I fitted them to my Barons and feel much more secure. One less thing to worry about.

Oh gosh! I don’t even know how much this has happened to me. (i finally learned to tuck them in) When it happened i wasn’t going very fast so i could have run it out, except my shoelace acted a bungee cord and snapped my uni into my back tackling me into the street. Not fun.

Have you tried checkerboard lacing? I have it done to my one set of osiris shoes and its great, snug fit and no dangling laces to worry about !

Can you put up a picture of them

It is a pair of hiking shoes that my wife wants me to throw away… I better not post them on the board…she will surely see them…:slight_smile:

I triple tie.

Happened to me once in a XC event. Some bikers not from the event were riding the opposite way and one of them asked “Did you have an accident?” referring to my one wheel. I’ve answered “No that is the way it should be.” They passed me and just a moment later my shoe lace got wrapped. Fortunately it was weak and broke just the moment I was falling down so nothing serious happened. But I did have an accident :wink:

This happened to me once while I was riding slowly… Luckily, I was able to stop and ride backwards to unravel it. Now I make sure my shoes are tight before I ride.


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What I typically do is tie my riding shoes with as small of bow as possible, double knot it. So that leaves really long shoe lace ends, these I’ll cut off as short as possible. What I’m left with for my riding shoes is laces that are just long enough to tie and no more. Thus no worries about tucked laces that get untucked and in the event that my shoe does come untied the laces aren’t typically long enough to interfere. It’s what I’ve done for 6 years+ now w/o any issues.

Good luck!

Shoe laces are evil. Just say NO:

I switched to these after I wrapped a shoe lace around my crank. once is enough.


hi had this while riding my 36er, not nice, i was going to fast to stop in time after i felt it start to tighten, worst feeling in the world knowing your going to fall of, managed to take it into some grass and just tucked haha, took ages to get my lace untangled as well because it was hard to reach the pedal and turn the 36inch wheel all while on the floor.

moral of the story: TUCK LACES IN!

Here Mp Uni

straight lacing with the knot behind the tongue is never a bad idea either, thats what I have with my etnies, and so far so good :stuck_out_tongue:

Face plants suk

I’ve done the face plant due to laces getting wrapped up. Honestly, I don’t know what they got caught up in. It happens so fast you don’t know what hit you. Safety equipment is mandatory… helmet and wrist guards minimum.

Now I use the noduled laces that come with my 5-10 shoes and quad tie them.

Never again, if I can help it.