Shock & Awe!

I just put together this video which combines a short intro, explaining how I came up with my “Uni-Cable-Cam” concept, followed by a fast-paced variety of high energy clips from my videos, that shows the amazing smoothness and flow of the UCC system! (You can make your own for under $10!) :smiley: :sunglasses:

Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile: (Btw, “Shock & Awe” is the title of the music.)

Yeah Terry … Terrific one!!!
I gotta say that that golf course stuff on the 36 looks really glidey…

Thanks Sean. I made this best-of UCC compilation mostly for other forums I belong to, since most active members of our forum have already seen most of this footage before, in the 13 previous videos I posted featuring my UCC. But it still looks really cool to see all the various clips with the different angles and perspectives mixed together into one continuous video. I especially like the look of ucc tracking of the technical footage, with the “speed controller”. :slight_smile:



Haha, that’s what she said!:stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome camera work. These shots explain muni to non-riders far better than any other muni video I’ve seen.

Thanks. These clips were taken from the 13 ucc videos I’ve made so far. Just these few clips are the end result of many MANY hours of scouting out the various locations, finding just the right trees or other objects to attach the cable line to, carefully setting up each shot, taking many factors into account; lighting, angle, speed, grade, and much trial & error to get the framing and timing just right.

Then I would say at least 50+ hours of editing time, (approx. 4 hours for each of the 13 videos) plus uploading, titles, and posting. All to share with everyone here in our fantastic uni community! Thanks for your ongoing support over the past 3 plus years! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your efforts Terry. Not only are you spending your own money to purchase product but it certainly appears that you have a large amount of time into these ventures as well. As much as I enjoy these videos as a unicyclist I know that my non riding contacts enjoy them as well.

Thanks, I truly appreciate that. :slight_smile: