Shlumpf button seized after crank came loose

I was riding my uni with a shlumpf hub and the crank started to come loose but i did not really notice it since the crank was held in by the button but when i got to my destination about 2 miles from my start point I noticed the crank was definitely coming off. I took it back home and tried to removed the button with the tool after pulling the setscrews and found that I can not get the buttons to turn at all. any advice for getting this freed up so i can pull the buttons check the wear on my hub and crank and then hopefully just tighten my crank back on.

The crank is very loose and only held in by the button at this point. I can not get the button off of either side of the uni.

Bonus fact it is on the down shifted side and I can not shift it to low gear. It is just pushed hard towards that direction no play in button when i push on it.

there is probably another tread on this i just could not find it…


I think i got lucky and i hit it with a rubber mallet (a shoe) a bit and it loosened the button up so that i could turn it and free it up.:smiley:

When nothing else works, get a bigger hammer, or shoe.