SHJag29er's Inaugural Tennessee Ride!

The Steve Howard Custom 29er, who was originally tested by Jagur, is now in the posession of it’s rightful owner, --chirokid–. I am in the process of adding an addition onto my home, so my uni time has been minimal. But tonight, under a starlite sky, the SuperSHJag29er and I went for a ride.

Mounting came easy, but required a bit more concentration than normal. The smoothness and grace afforded the 29er were instantly apparent. I loved the feel of speed, not that I felt fast, but I did notice how much quicker I was making it from one point to the next. It felt almost like I was on a two wheeler.

As my mind wondered with this newfound speed, I noticed how cool the night air felt to my bare hands. I slipped my hands into my jacket pockets and abruptly lost my balance. I wish I had this UPD on video, as it would surely get a truck load of laughs. I wabbled fore and aft two times each, then went off the front of the big wheel. I landed on my feet, but the new, bright yellow, KH Velo seat officially occupies the “Used” catagory now.

I re-mounted my 29er with a new found respect. Maybe it would take a little getting used to. The remainder of the ride to the school campus was un-eventful. Once on the school property, a couple of security lights allowed me to see the surface better and I rode several 1/4 mile loops on the track. Then I rode up and down the parking lots, then the sidewalks. The first trick happened as I rode off the 4" drop at the end of the sidewalk. Yippeeee, I survived a drop, LOL. The big wheel made the 4" feel like nothing. A couple of laps later, I got up my nerve to ride up, maybe 2" high, onto the sidewalk. Again, the 29er just ate up the 2" incline. I repeated this several more times. Wow, this 29er it easy.

Next, I decide to try to idel on this bigger wheel. First try, I was able to idel 50 times with right down, then with leftfor fifty. Ideling actually seemed easier on the bigger wheel. With my confidence souring from the successful ideling, I decided to test my time in a 100 yard dash. First try, 17.76 seconds. Zoom, zoom, zoom. New try, at about 60 yards, my left foot flew off the pedal, my heart dropped into my stomach and I’m sure I looked like a Weeble for a couple of seconds. I decided to get a little more experience on the SHJag before attempting another 100 speed record.

Backward riding was a little different. I decided to ride onto the sidewalk, do a 180 spin and proceed backward. I did about 250 feet on my first attempt, only stopping because I ran into very dark concrete. However, I was anything but steady, the serpantine line I left would have made Odis look sober. Next, I did a stomach ride of 75 feet, then a jump mount (sure glad I didn’t miss that).

With all the success and fun of my first ride, I decided to mount the sidewalk at the 4" area. Have any of you ever heard of the Bible verse, Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goeth before the fall”? Trust me, it’s true. KH Velo seat now classified as “Used, with permanent scratches”. For the record, that rose bush was always bent weard anyway and my head DID NOT come dangerously close to being inside the 2nd grade classroom window.

As I was picking up my uni from the ground, Billham, from this unicycle forum, rang me on my cell. We had a fun chat about his success one footing across the entire gym today. Great job Billham!

Overall, my first impression is that the 29er is one smooth and graceful machine. I can motor from one local to another much quicker than before. I still can’t see me doing much off-road on her, or many hills either. But hey, with a little practice, “All things are possible.”

Thanks to Jagur, and Steve Howard for a great unicycle. --chirokid–

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You had better take that unicycle off-road. That’s what it lives for – It’s whole reason for being. Find a buff singletrack trail and go fast.

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So that’s why she kept throwing me off, she was mad at me for riding her on pavement! Now I know. --chirokid–

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John is correct. Jag–were he still with us–would say the same. One of my most vivid muni memories is from this past September, riding at Nathan’s muni workshop at the Portland Juggling Festival. Jag and Dudley drove up for the ride, and joined the group exploring the trail system at Reed College. In one section, we were working our way down a longish singletrack downhill, and my son and I were near the end of the pack, moving kind of slow, and blocking the whole trail. For someone that hates being at the back of a slow pack, Jagur finds himself there pretty regularly.

On this occassion, he took as much of it as he could, then could take no more. All of a sudden I get this flash coming into my right peripheral vision. It’s Jagur on the 29", totally off the trail and just flying through the trees to try to pass us slowpokes. By the time he passed me he was doing at least 10 mph, off-piste, with no clear vision of how he would slow down or get back on the trail in front of us.

Salvation came in the form of a small tree…maybe 3" thick…growing on the side of the trail. He grabbed this with both hands as he flew by, wrapping himself around it, miraculously keeping the 29-er pinched between his legs, and finally coming to rest head on the trail about a foot in front of me. Fortunately my lack of speed that had previously driven him over the edge now brought him back…I was able to dismount just before riding over his head.

Keep in front of those 20" Torkers and you’ll do just fine…

Woohoo, 29ers are fun! I can’t imagine a better sidewalk or trail ride, wait till you hit some singletrack or logging roads. When you get a flat put a Moto Raptor tire on it.
I love it when walkers and mountain bikers see me riding the half mile singletrack at the Greenway and their jaws just drop open. carjug

I should add that a cell phone / rider UPD from on top a 29er will make one lose a cell phone connection. It seems that chirokid was bored with my “fascinating chatter” and started riding again while I was talking. He confessed to an UPD after he picked himself up and called me back.

Let that be a lesson to all…
Please becareful when riding and talking on your cell phone. :smiley:

Now that I realize chirokid was forcing his 29er to ride on pavement, maybe it wasn’t the distraction of the cell phone, maybe she just bucked him off for revenge.


Great story about Jagur an the 29er Tom.

Carjug: She is already equiped with the MotoRaptor Tire. What I should do is get involved in U-turns 29er tire survey, that would let me try 6 different tires, fun, fun, fun!

Bill, you didn’t have to bring up the UPD, FRIEND!!! :slight_smile:

…and mostly true.i dont remember my head being on the trail almost getting run over though and i did have a clear shot at passing untill yet another 20" uni appeared right in front of me.whats up with those 20’s always poppin out of nowhere,hoggin the trail and slowing everyone down anyway? Oh and im always in the back because there never seems to be a “plan” and the direction of travel is not marked.

not so much now has 138.5mm still will be great for light trail jamming but without the Profile 150’s an the Profile hub its not quite the bomber that it was in Cali.