Shipping tires?

How do people usually ship tires? Is there a special box one has to find, or can you just wrap the thing in a bag with bubble paper.

It is probably a silly question, but I never bought a tire from an individual person through the mail, and I’m asking because I have a couple of really nice tires I’d like to unload, probably through eBay, but I’m not sure how to send them once I sell them.

The tires are 1 26 inch Hookworm–hardly used. The other is a 26 inch Big Apple–also hardly used.

I know these are both considered excellent tires, but they have both been major dissapointments for me–I couldn’t do anything with them. I think a better unicyclist would have a ball with them, but my own riding goes down the toilet when I try riding with these two gems. Go figure…

I gave up trying to ride on these (I have a Bontranger that suits me really well) and so instead to keeping them, hoping that someday I might be “good enough” to ride with a Hookworm or a Big Apple, I’d rather just get rid of them.

So now, my only consern is not how to ride these tires, but how to pack them…

So much for my suggestion of installing them on your uni and riding them to the buyers destination.:smiley:

When I bought tires from they just came in a big, skinny box.

For tires with wire beads, I think you’re not supposed to bend the bead too much. Some tires have flexible (kevlar?) beads, and can be folded up at will. You don’t have to leave it round, but don’t squish it too much, either.


are you the one who made that cool song?

Re: Dogbowl???

If you mean the unicycle song (I’m on a one-wheel), yep, that’s me.
I’m glad you thought it was cool! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I received a Gazz that was ruined by too much folding.
You really want to fold the tire as little as possible.
The Gazz makes it look like my rim is bent.
I like Duro better anyway.
I stopped using it.

Brian MacKenzie’s did that. I thought the rim was totally untrue it turned out it was just the gazz. The tire even toutched the frame every time it went a full turn. I’m not sure it was from folding it or not but it was pretty far out.

Yea, my idea is to not fold it at all–I want my customers to be happy!

That sounds like me and my adventures with the Big Apple and the Hookworm. Everyone seems to think these are great tires, and no doubt they are, but for me, they really suck.

The Bontranger Cruizer is really nice. Nice heavy sidewalls. Cool tread pattern. No wobble. I wish they made them in bigger sizes so I would get one for my future 29er.

I got a large order of Coker tires from Coker. They tied the tires together and then wrapped the whole thing in black plastic. (Like a black garbage bag). Then wrapped tape around the package every 6 inches. They looked exactly like tires wrapped in plastic. (or like a donut) This is how I recieved them. I think it was FedEx that delivered 'em.

It worked great for Coker tires anyway.