shipping things & the waiting time

im on my 8th day of waiting for the brown truck and im starting to go nuts.everything is going to be 3-day from now on.over here on the left coast it takes an eternity to get things from

ive got a rim in a box somewhere on a truck in the US. i hope it doesnt get taco’d before i build Profiles in that box too.




But then you could have the opposite problem. In expectation of my impatience, I ordered a house warming present in advance of the move, and sent it to the new address. sent a delivery notice for tomorrow. Only two days! That’s great, except I won’t be there till Monday. I hope the neighbor kids enjoy my Yuni/Gazz.

Didn’t you get a tracking number email from them? They always send me one. Looks like UPS has lost another one of mine too, though, reading billing info received for the last two days.

Join the club! I have been waiting for my new KH Velo seat since right after Xmas… but then it takes longer to get it to the land of the north… dog sleds and all that…LOL!


me to!

I’ve been waiting over the a week to get my new bedfird muni when it should take 5 days ( 2 for the $ order to get there , and 3 for the uni to get here) but i get thew uni tomorrow for my b-day , so :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a wierd coincidence: UPS tried to deliver a Profile crank set and KH sadle to me- they make mistakes like this all the time so I check- but I pointed out the error and they took back the opened package, no questions asked. Gosh, I just love UPS- I can’t wait tell my Lasco’s and Viscount sadle get here!


sure i did,but it hasnt been updated in 2 days.

its late and now the 8th day is going to be 9th tommorow.its got to be here tommorow man?

i’ve only been waiting for my order for 3 days now, but it feels like an eternity already. i ordered a united trials 20" uni with bicycle euro cranks and KH seat. :]

Tell us more about your Bedford Uni, Unibrow. What type rim, tire, hub, pedals…?

If you do get it tomorrow why not dash over to Vancouver on Saturday for the club MUni ride? We meet at 11:00 am out at the UBC trails. e-mail me at: if you want more details. Be great if you could take the birthday MUni on a spin with us.


hmmm profiles in the box… hey jaguar where do you live??? (kiddin’) :smiley:

thats why i request signature required,and its C.O.D. :sunglasses:

(jagur,one A, 5 letters)

damn that UPS man!!! (in my religion (the aaron religion) the spell jagur, jaguar :slight_smile:

when I bought my torker from it only took 5 days to get here and that included the customs stuff too. (I live in Canada)

Just so you guys know, UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. Also, the amount of time says is AFTER they get it to UPS!!

So if you order it January 1st, lets say on a Friday, ships it out 48 hours later. UPS Starts moving it on Monday. That counts as day 1. Tue is day 2, and so on.


i dont know about holidays but if you order Sonic air or Next day air they will deliver on saturday.