Shipping damage, what to do?

After a 6 month wait I got my hub back from the spa.

Unfortunately somewhere between Switzerland and my post box she took some damage. Namely busted flange.

The packaging looked adequate to me but parts of the bubble pack have been deflated and the hub has struck the side of the box hard enough to put some holes right through the cardboard.

Should I be talking to Canada Post? Swiss Post? would Florian “take care of it”?

The only thing I really know is I had beed looking forward to building it up in a 26" rim but that isn’t going to happen any time soon, I guess it has to go back for another treatment. I most likely won’t be in the country when it returns in another 6 months.

This is just a guess, but I would start with the carrier that brought the package to your house. Take it up with them, and they should follow it up the chain. After all, they (Canada Post?) accepted the (either damaged or not-yet-damaged) package from the previous shipper. Hopefully they will fight it out and make a resolution.

Take detailed pictures of EVERYTHING.

I hope it all works out! Any insurance on the shipment?

like john said go up the chain!

Aaarg! That sucks. I’d say “I hope you get it sorted out soon.” but that seems unlikely.

That sucks, I hope you won’t have to wait that long now.

Hey Eric;

Since I work with Canada post every day I have some clue how to go about this. - Canada post usually does not do much for the receiver but instead the sender (as they paid the bill). Don’t blame me I am just saying how they work.

  1. contact the sender and inform him of the problem - he will contact his shipping company and put in a claim - then the ball will start to move forward.

I have a commercial account with Canada post (a small one) - when my customers try to contact Canada post about an issue they allways tell the customer to contact me the sender. When ever I have called them they have allways started an investigation - then after the 2 weeks that takes they usually offer to refund the shipping costs and send us funds for the value of the goods. In all it takes 2 months but it does work.

in this case canada post is only second carrier and they were contracted by the first carrier to finish the task.

I wish you the best of luck…

It will be a really cool unicycle eventually.

how is everything working out?