Shipping Cost

My daughter ordered a poster for me (Mother’s Day gift) from UDC. The poster weighs less than 2 oz. She was charged shipping for an 11 pound item. What the crap? The shipping cost her much more than the poster. Does this mean that any time you order something small you are going to get ripped off for shipping? Maybe someone can answer it so it makes sense to me.

Wouldn’t be the first time that an internet retailer made a mistake on shipping. . . tho if you search for “UDC” on this forum, you will find butt-loads of folks with the same sort of compalints (or worse) about UDC. I’m sure you can resolve it with a phone call . . or two . . . . or three or . . . . four . . . . maybe?? :thinking:

PS: You should get your Maggie HS33 brake today. Let me know when you get the package - or if you have any questions about the installation.


Got it yesterday. I’m waiting for the parts I had to get from UDC. Looking forward to it. I hope I don’t face plant.

I tried a search on shipping costs, but the result was from the Trading Post ads. Didn’t see previous gripes, though I am never very good at the search function.

Sometimes a package’s shipping cost is based on size rather than weight. Posters, plans, and other things that end up in shipping tubes often end up being much more expensive to ship than you’d think.

True, but it’s a very small poster that came in a box more than twice it’s length. It just seems if you are a company selling different sized items you would have packaging to fit the need. It’s not that big of a deal, just annoying. I just know that if I’m going to order something, I’ll make sure it’s a big item or that I have multiple items to order at the same time.

shipping is a little odd at UDC

To ship you anything will be 12-14 $. So if you order a 2 $ washer it will be 12 $ to ship. On the bright side, a 36 " wheel or tire is about 14 $.

Once they have the box out, they will throw in additional purchases for only pennies extra. The moral is to hold off until you can order a bunch of stuff.

I have not tried this, but I read you can call them and request postal instead of UPS for little stuff to save some $.

You should almost always do this. If you ask for US postal service delivery instead of UPS, especially for smaller items, it is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.