shipping cost

ok just letting everyone know,i just sent out a uni from mass to penn,it cost 45dollars and some change.


That amount corresponds with your current number of posts…

Why did it cost that much? Is UPS more expensive than USPS?

were you tryin to funny??

I think he was pointing out the correspondance between your shipping cost and your # of posts. Not very funny. Then he was attempting to ascertain why it seemed like such a high price. You provided almost no information about that, so we don’t really know if you were charged an unreasonable amount. Bits of info that might help:

  • What kind of unicycle
  • Weight of unicycle
  • Weight of finished package
  • Dimensions of finished package
  • Did you overnight or 2nd day it?
  • What shipping company did you use?

I am not trying to be funny. :slight_smile:

Yet I laughed when I read your post anyway.


It was a Torker AX, so it’s light, and he took it apart. I’m sure he didn’t send overnight. He used UPS. It’s 15lbs.