Shipping Case/Bag 4 Travel

I just received my wheel bah from Rome and my 29 inch nimbus does not fit. I must take a trip to California and need my unicycle. Does anyone know a company that sells a case/bag for my unicycle? Please dont say UDC, that bags/case is too big.

the largest mygpack I think would work. I have one for a freestyle and I just checked it as baggage, nobody had any issue with it. I (perhaps unwisely) didn’t even take the pedals off!

Why doesn’t it fit? I used a Rome bag to take my 29" uni from NY to Florida. I had to let the air out of the tire, and it fit. I like the Rome bag.

It is a snug fit. I found putting a cargo strap around the tire helped keep the tire compressed while putting the wheel in the bag. Once in the bag the strap is not necessary, mine would loosen itself up.

The strap I use is something like this one, mine isn’t ratchet, more of pinch tighten. Think I got mine at Kmart for ~6 dollars.

We can make custom bags to order. We’ve got a commercial sewing machine (goes through heavy nylon webbing material) and a woman who’s a genius at making anything with fabrics. So far we’ve just made the one large Coker bag for me, but we can make whatever you need. Pricing will depend on materials and turn-around probably won’t be fast as we’ll have to research the materials and go over bag design with you to come up with a price. Ballpark: Handmade in America. Not cheap. :slight_smile: I need to get some pictures of my big bag and post some information for starters…