Shipping a Coker

So I am thinking about selling my Coker soon (because I don’t really ride it very much at all anymore and I don’t like it sitting in the garage all lonely and forgotten-like) but I don’t know the first thing about shipping…like where to get a big enough box, the best way to package it, which company to send it through (FedEx, UPS, etc.) yeah.
I know a lot of you have experience selling and shipping unicycles, probably including cokers…so I need advice on how to do this.

Also I want to know what y’all think is a reasonable price. Here’s the specs of my Coker:
Stock frame and seatpost
Stock Coker brand tire
KH seat (a little torn up) + GB4 Stiffener Plate
GB4 handle
CatEye Enduro 8 cycling computer
Airfoil rim
UDC extra-wide hub
Three sets of alloy cranks: 110mm, 125mm and 150mm

I’ll take pictures later too.

I’ve done this a couple of times before. Remove the pedals, seat post, and saddle because they’ll fit in the dead space and will reduce the shipping size. Remove the cranks if that reduces the axle dimension but protect the ends of the axle. Deflate the tire. Go to a bike shop and get a box that a bike was shipped in. Cut it to fit the Coker, fold it, and tape it with packing tape. I used a big, steel bar as a cutting guide for an Exacto knife and as the folding edge. I think I was able to do it in a 7" or 8" thick box that was 36" square. Check the shipping costs for UPS ground and enter dimensions to see where they have price cutoffs. For a box this big, the weight of the Coker is insignificant.

Nice that’s exactly what I needed, thanks!

How about how much someone would buy it for? It originally cost me $350, plus about 50 for shipping…now its old, but has the airfoil rim + UDC extra wide hub, plus the GB4 handle and the cycle computer. And extra crank arms too.
So I was thinking around $350 again.

A used plain-jane Radial just sold for $250 last month on eBay.

I bet if you put it on eBay and list it in the Trading Post section on this forum with a link to the eBay auction, you’d get at least $350. 3 sets of cranks , GB4 handle and the Airfoil rim make that a pretty sweet deal.
Is the Airfoil an original type or “x” type?


Make sure you check the dimensions. There is a price jump between 7x36x36 and 8x36x36 or 8x36x36 and 9x36x36. I don’t remember where it is. Make the cheaper size your dimension goal. Sometimes UPS will be lenient if you tell them, “I was sure it was only 8” thick," or whatever your goal is. The lenient part is clerk dependent.

While you’re on a roll, ship me something, too. A goat or 10 lbs of Idaho spuds maybe.