Shipping a 36er

Just a heads-up to anyone who may sell or ship a 36er…

I just sold my old Radial 360 on eBay. I live on the east cost of the US and the buyer (Tyler_N on this forum) lives in California. In my auction I put $50 shipping cost, but I badly underestimated.

It turned out to cost $97 to ship via FEDEX Ground in two boxes, though if I stuffed everything into one box, it may have been a bit less. Since I included two pairs of cranks, I wanted to keep them separate, in case they rattled around too much, damaging the frame of the Radial.

UPS and USPS both cost more.

This is somewhat upsetting news. Is that really the cheapest price possible for shipping a 36er? Where did you get the box?

I cringe to think of what a bike would cost to ship.

I’ve shipped a road bike before. It was in the $80-100 range in one box with UPS. A 36er weighs about the same and requires a similarly large box.

I used the box my Coker Big One came in. It had such great foam and stuff, I was going to use it as is, but the shipping for that box - 42 x 42 x 13, was going to be like $130+ :astonished:

So I cut the box down and made one 36 x 36 x 9. That box cost about $90, and the other $20, and I got an eBay discount.

Yeah I had a similar experience.

To ship a 24 dx from PA to NM it was going to cost $41 to ship. So he is bringing it to TX to cut the shipping price in half.

Coker charges $65

Coker charges $65 for two day FedEx shipping. One big box. You are probably much better off pricewise sending one big box rather than 2 smaller ones…you could use your Coker box…tom

wow did it really cost that much to ship? I bet it has something to do with gas prices.


I didn’t read all the posts…never mind. I guess rates are based on distance…makes sense…tom

I actually called Coker about this very thing, since I recently dealt with them and thought they’d tell me how they did it. They said they use FEDEX Ground, too, and that they eat a substantial amount of the shipping cost. As I said, the one big box 42x42x13 would cost $130+ for coast-to-coast.

I shipped mine to Washington state from here via UPS, and it was about $79ish. This was about a year ago, so things may have changed.

The shipping guy I talked to said the rates have gone up recently due to gas prices.

Remind me to use Craigslist next time I sell something big, and keep it local…

I seem to remember, too, that UPS gives better rates to business customers, and that you can make a “business” account on their website for free. This is a bit fuzzy (from last summer), but for a package of old B&O speakers I sold on eBay I was told something like $70, both by my local UPS counter (not one of those price-gouging retail mail places) and the eBay UPS calculator. My brother gave me the business tip thing, and I made an account and it cost less than $40 for the same package.

So, if your place of business has a shipping dept, you could always give them a try. But that’s not to say that any of this would have made a difference in your price this summer. It’s just a “worth checking out” tip for anybody’s future shipping.

my goodness, something that’s actually cheaper in the UK. I just shipped my N36 and a 29er together the length of the country for £7.

We’re in a bit of a smaller country though.


sorry for the hammering with shipping but thanks for the post. now we all know what coast to coast cost is to ship a coker so all ours should be under that.