shiping tire has the sweetskin tires and i was trying to order one but first i was going to see how much the shipping would cost and it said pick up in store 0.00 dollars . so can you order tires from them and get them shiped or not


weird, It did the same thing for me. Pete has free shipping on some items this might be one of them.

Pete would probably be the person to ask.

Also, do call him. He will tell you what you need to know and is usually manning the phone. I think he was saying the shopping cart and shipping calculator can be glitchy.


Hey all;

I doubled checked the sweetskinz Product on our web site - It appears to be operating correctly - could you tell me which one you tried to get that result? Either way we can ship you a tire - just phone me if you are still having problems 1866 686 4292


it was the HAZAREA 20 x 2.25 FREESTYLE STREET tire. but i live in washington