Ship Shape Unicycling!!!

>What’s it like to ride your uni onboard ship (if you’d originally learned to
>ride on board ship then I’d be really impressed).

Ship Shape

When Van Parseghian and I first went to China to unicycle the Great Wall in
1986, we departed Hong Kong on a ship bound for Shanghai. It was a medium-sized
“Cruise Vessel” with accomodations for about 300 people.

As soon as we set out on our three day journey, Van and I constantly patrolled
and explored the entire vessel from bilge to top deck, and from bow to stern on
our unicycles.

On the first day, the sea was calm, and lots of people were seated around the
pool deck. We entertained them by riding as fast as we could and plunging into
the Ship’s swimming pool … F.U.N. !!!

Riding INSIDE a “large vessel” such as this was not dissimilar to riding around
the hallways of your apartment complex; certainly nothing exciting like riding
around in a moving “Lift,” or perhaps down the aisle of a moving underground
train … :wink:

But once up on deck, it was a different story! Ever driven a VW Bus down the
freeway in a cross-wind??? It got “Hairy” at times, especially with the decks
all slippery and wet from the ocean spray. By midnight on the second night, the
winds had reached typhoon strength, and the whole boat was seriously

What a perfect opportunity to do something stupid like riding our Schwinn 24"
UNIs on the deck!!! Well, this lasted about as long as it took to take a picture
or two, and then HAUL BUNS and wheels BACK INSIDE THE BOAT!!!

I wasn’t sure if the air in that 24" tire would have kept me afloat had I fell
into the drink, or whether all that Schwinn iron would have sunk me like a Mafia
anchor to the bottom of the Taiwan Straits ,

I too would be impressed to hear of someone who learned UNI on board a ship!!!

Steve - Still alive and unicycling in Hong Kong

P.S. We DID make it to China and Back!