I UPD’d on the weekend at got some sand in my shinpads and through out the day it mixed with sweat and made quite an effective grinding paste and removed a 3cm square area of skin from my shin. So maybe non of us should bother wearing shin pads…

I’ve lost 4 cm2 of skin scraping on pavement :wink: After that kind of fall, take the pad off and wipe off the sand… Remember what “sandpaper” does? :wink:

This is interesting, since I was going to post about how benificial to me my shin/knee pads were to me yesterday…

I messed up a pedal grab, and my uni didn’t move after I shifted my weight forward to try and launch from the ledge I’d grabbed. Result was I dropped 4ft pretty much flat, landing on hands and knees half onto a brick (read very hard) path, and half in a rosebed. My head did hit the floor, but I kept the majority of my body off the ground, slowing my impact with my arms. However my legs hit the floor without any slowing at all, and my left leg landed half on the path (lower half) and half in the rosebed (knee), a good 2 inches below the level of the path (and with a sharp corner edge).

Now its my belief that my 661s not only cushioned my legs from major impact, but also spread the force across my knee (the corner impacted an inch or so below the kneecap), and stopped my kneecap from shattering or my leg from breaking. Its siezed & swollen today, I can hardly move it, but its still in one piece.

I can however agree that having stuff stuck between the pad & the leg can be very irritating. I always wear very thin trousers when I ride, so there is always a layer between my pads & my legs.


i lannded on corner of bricks without shin guards once stop trying jump up that pretty fast :stuck_out_tongue:

get 661 4x4

i cant wate untill i get my 661 4x4s i am hoping to buy them off ebay to try and save some money but i dont no wether i can last that long and i may just buy some from the shops, i go out everyday for a few hours a day and im at the stage of learning to unispin and crankflip and my shins an knees are taking a serious beeting even with footbal shinpads and a layer of 15 mm foam
i would say shinpads are the most important peice of kit after a uni of corse and wouldnt go out without anything on my shins

Damn loose you should just stop riding near rose beds, they’ve been nothing but bad luck for you.

Shirts, trousers, pants, gloves, shoes, helmets, kneeguards mixed with sweat and sand have exactly the same effect except that it won’t be your shin. Let’s take an example to Yoggi and all turn into potsmoking nudist unicyclists, that way we don’t have to clean our shinpads after we’ve dirtied them in the sand and we won’t have any irritation at all! Except that maybe some BMX style pedals with sharp pins might embed themselves into our shins and being a nudist in winter doesn’t seem to be the most effective thing I’ve seen so far.

Something tells me Dustin doesn’t like Koxx-One.
Don’t know why though.


murphys law: whenever one rides without thy shinpads, thy recieves quite a bulbus pedalbite.

i took one of mine off for 3 mins as i was walking around with my uni, got a pedalbite on my calf :thinking: