shin splints

has anyone connected shin splints to unicyling because i have awful ones and i cant figure out where they came from. it killed my mile run in gym to 6:34

normally, shin splints aren’t associated with non/low impact sports, such as unicycling. If you haven’t ran in a while, you might’ve gotten 'em thru your running. You could also get them from running with the wrong shoes, stepping wrong while you run, or from not stretching before a run (although might I add thru research, scientists have found stretching really doesn’t help much before and after exercising).

I wouldn’t worry about your run time. That’s awesome no matter how old you are. Just take it easy on runs, and your splints will be gone in no time!

Mmmm, I wouldn’t be so quick to say unicycling is low impact. :slight_smile:

It could have something to do with over-development of some muscles and others not being under used. It was also suggested somewhere that unicycling especially with short cranks shorten your leg muscles due to the repetitive nature of pedaling and using a relatively small range of motion.

edit: I found my old thread on running. its not much but it might help

I have terible shin splints right now, but not bad enough to keep me from riding.

I have terible shin splints right now, but not bad enough to keep me from riding.

In high school while on the track team I got shin splints. I solved it by stretching my calves, achilies, and ankles (kneel w/ shins on the ground and sit on your ankles) and strengthening the muscle in front of my tibia (toe raises w/ an ankle wieght staped to my toes).

sorry to hear you got that

I got shin splints back when I ran CC and track in HS. Take IB prophin before you run or unicycle as the case may be. Unicycling shouldnt affect it as much, but wrapping your arches is a good thing. Heat up wet towels and put them on your legs before you run. Stretch, something you should do before any exercising including unicycling. And ice your legs after. If its really bad you might have to just sit it out for a while so they can get better. Either way IB prophin will help. Best luck to you

Along with the shin splints, wearing the right shoes is a huge must. If you run a lot def look into getting a pair of Asics. Should def. take care of the problem. The Kayano is the best model in my opinion.

I couldnt agree with you more about the shoe options.

You ran a mile in a gym? That may be the cause if you were running on a hard wood floor. 6:34 is a pretty good pace though, I doubt I’ll ever see that time again.

I got shin splints a couple times in HS sports. It was always associated with hard running on too hard of a surface (such as asphalt) and with shoes that had too flat or un-cushioned soles. Shoes have gotten much better in the past 30 years. My first real pair were the Nike Waffle Trainer, quite an improvement in 1974.

In over 30 years I’ve never had shin splints associated with unicycling.

Warm up and do toe taps before you run. Alternate between periods of rapid and slow raising and lowering your toes, lifting most of the foot but keeping the heel on the ground. We do these for track, to avoid shinsplints. I’m not sure on the effectiveness, but coach is a long time runner and makes us do them.

I swear I did that to my foot once, but parents diden’t belive me lol

Shin Splints from freemounting

Thought I would add to this old post because I have some sore shinsplints developing. I thought sharing my thoughts might help someone in the future.

I think I know what it is from. I am still not good at freemounting and I use my right foot as the Lead foot to mount the Uni. It is my right shin that has the sore muscles and I realized that doing a hundred or more freemounts a day must have finally caught up with me. Lifting my toe up to reach the right pedal to start the static mount is beating up those previously unused muscles on the front of my shin. After it heals I think I will limit my riding to every other day for a while, and then work on strenthining those muscles with “toe taps/ Toe lifts”

I guess time to take a few days off. :angry:

hate to be thick but, english. whats a shin splint ?

Shin Splints from wikipedia

Shin Splints is a term for pain in the front of your shin caused by many different things.

Here is a link to the wikipedia definition

I have experienced this myself after riding, but usually its when I do a lot of hopping. I’m not sure you can call unicycling a non impact sport, it depends on what you are doing.

I also have very flat (pronated) feet and am supposed to wear orthotics otherwise I can’t do impact sports or I get terrible shin splint like pains.(At least that is what the physiotherapist and podiatrists say). I don’t wear them cause they are too expensive and often do get some pain after intense muni. I find that stretching and massage afterward really minimizes it.

I think my problem is simple NOOB overuse. I unicycled like 6 days in a row and since I have to freemount soo much I really abused the muscle of my right leg.

My mother once told me “everything in moderation” :roll_eyes:

Im working on a program that will allow me to easily and clearly illustrate exercises to address issues. When I get it figured out, I’ll be happy to help out with these physical ailments.

my mom said the same thing! she says i ride to much