Shin protectors

What are the most comfortable, durable, long lasting shin pretectors for uniing? I don’t really want to spend over $50.

SixSixOne? KH? etc.

Just give me your opinion thanks!

i like the 661s. good coverage, pretty cheap. what’s not to like?

If you just want shin protection w/o knee…these are the best for the money IMHO

nah, I was looking for some with the shin protection.

Then I’d get the shins I posted they are by far the best I have ever owned…

I have 661, 4x4’s, your legs will get a little hot but thats better than them getting really bloody. Large- -$32. You can tell your parents you will get hurt without them, ask for christmas, or just buy them your slef

The pads made with neoprene, like the Lizard Skins shinguard, don’t breathe. They get hot and sweaty on your leg.

The fabric pads like the 661 4x4’s breathe and don’t get as sweaty.

As far as which ones to get. The KH’s are gone so they aren’t an option any more. Roach changed the design and are now using a harder foam that is shaped to give air channels. Nice in theory, but the harder foam chafes more and is less comfortable. The only choice left is the 661 4x4’s. The 661 4x4’s are like the old style Roach pads. The 661’s are the ones to get now. The 661’s are also cheaper than the other options. It’s a win win.

I like my kona pads they are nice they also breathe well :smiley:

sorry, I meant I wanted it with the KNEE protection.

Thanks for everyones input, i’ll probably go with the 661’s. Are there different types cuz I’ve seen a couple different ones? Jess reigel has some that have orange on them, and theres also blue ones.

Heres two that say they are both 4X4’s. Am I missing something? they look different. Or is it showing two different sides of the same thing?

They’re all the same. The different looks are just different years. The alfred e bike one’s are the newest, then the blue ones, then the orange ones.

In last years model of the 661 4x4’s the colors seemed to indicate different sizes. I think the larges were blue and the mediums were orange. I’m not sure how consistent that was. The 661 4x4’s went had a redesign for this year. It looks like the only change for this year was the graphics and logo. Other aspects about the pads seem to be the same.



Is their any difference between the two? comfort? protection? etc, Or is it just looks. The older pair is $40 at, and the newer pair is $32 at that other site.

??? :thinking:

There is no difference in comfort or protection between the 2004 and the 2005 styles. may have the new 2005 style. They don’t always update their pictures in the catalog right away to reflect changes in the product. If you want the old style you should call to find out which style they actually have in stock.

The biggest problem with the 661 armor is getting it too small. If it’s too small it will slide down your leg during a crash and expose your knee. Same problem with the Roach and KH. Make sure it’s long enough for your legs.

I’m using soccer shingaurds right now :stuck_out_tongue: , ill eventually get some 661s though.

If anyones interested in getting a pair, I found some 661 4x4 2004’s on this site for $22 !