-Shin Protection

I am in serious need of leg protection. I sliced my whole shin open this evening with my pedal spikes. :astonished: I’m looking at purchasing these. http://www.blueskycycling.com/product121_24_-661-4x4-Knee-Shin-Guards.htm
Take a look. Should I get medium size, or large. I’m exactely 6’ tall with longer legs. Imput would be appreciated. If someone thinks I should get something else def say so.

those are what i have. i think i have large. they work great but i only use em for bc’ing and unispins. im like over 6’ so theyll be fine dude. :slight_smile:

ive got those. recieved them today from that company. they have pretty good service. definitly large, i had to return them cuz i got the wrong size but the larges are great

pretty standard. most people use them and love them. myself included.

I ride with fuse shin pads… they r more of a street pad I guess… but 661’s do own I think Ima get some haha


I bought the same when i started learning the unispin, it was a compulsory. For pedals hits (in front) it just do its work very well.

But yesterday i landed on my shin (protected) a 2m gap onto the edge of a bench. I opened my skin by 5cm and it hurt so much. I don’t want to imagine, if i had not wore it. Hopefully i can ride today, and i am decided to take my revenge on this bench.

The thing is, if you are planing to get into trial, the pedals won’t be your first concern anymore and protection with a plastic cup like these one would be the best:



get those ones for now, they will work fine in large