Shin Pads

Any advice on what to go for?

Well I was tired of getting smashed in the shins with my pedal, and cutting my shins up with the pins, so I got the kris holm percussion leg armor knee/ shin pads. I don’t regret getting them, because they are excellent! They are very comfortable, and even though they cover where the knee bends, it still allows my legs to bend and move freely.

Most importantly, they offer excellent knee and shin protection! They go around the whole leg so they protect behind the shin too. Since I bought these, my shins don’t hurt anymore!

The one con, though, is that they get very hot. I’ve gotten used to that though, because I’d rather have my legs sweaty then bruised.

Also, I’ve heard some 661 shin pads are good, so you could further reserch that brand before you make any decisions. I’m sure there are many threads on them on this forum!

Unless you tend to hit your knees, combo shin and knee pads are an overkill. I have Evos and Veggie Wraps, both are good, Veggies have more coverage, Evos are more breathable and more comfortable.

For most of the year I don’t wear pads, esp when it’s hot. I put pads on before ski season to keep my shins and calves safe.

More importantly, wear wrist guards, skate style is best, and maybe some ankle pads like from soccer shin guards.