Shin/Knee Protection

What type of Knee/Shin armor do people use? Where can I get it, and how do I know what size I am?

most people use 661 4x4 leg armor but a few use soccer shin guards or others. I highly recommend the 661s because they are a lot better than standard shin guards and are well made. You can get them at:

I’m 5’5 and wear a medium
and municycle has a size chart

On sale here for $25

My 110 lb. 14 year old takes a medium.

How tall is your 14 year old? Im like 5’ 8" so would I be medium?

I’m nearly 6 feet tall and large fits me, but it’s a tad too big around. It still fits just fine though. You may want a medium, I think that’s probably the size that fits you best.

(ps: wow, your in tucson!)

i ride with fox 911 knee/shin guards, very quality and strong, but they dont protect the back of my legs!
so i will be purchasing some 611 knee/shins soon enuff, and also could someone tell me what type of straps are on the 611’s (eg: velcro, clip,?) coz my fox guards have velcro and they can be quite irritating after a while!

the 661 4x4 has seven velcro closures per leg, three tabs to hold the nylon back sheet in place, two straps that go through buckles and double back on themselves to hold the main body of the pad in place and two elastic straps that stretch round the back of the knee and stick to the opposite side to hold the knee plate, although you can ride without these done up.

My 14 year old is about 5’ 4" and has room to grow with the medium’s.
I also have fox 911’s (for b*king) and agree that the straps can drive you nutzoid. They did not fare well with MUni’ing so I got the 611’s and have been extremely pleased with how they stay put.

ok sounds like the six six one 4x4 are the way to go, thanx for the advice

Core Rat makes a calf protection flap for thier armour. It might work with the Fox 911 armour, just maybe. I don’t know if it would work with other brands of armour. I have not seen the Core Rat armour so I’m not sure how the calf flap fits on.

Man…UDC only has sizes in small.

Sometimes I wish I lived in the UK.

I have a pair. They’re just a piece of light canvas that wraps all the way around your calf and where it overlaps on itself, it attaches with velcro. They have loops that take the straps from the Core Rat shin guards to anchor in place:

They could be manually stitched in to another type of leg armor and work okay, but they tend to slide down your leg if you don’t run the Core Rat leg guard straps through the anchor loops.

So, generally, are the 4x4’s from are better than those from UDC? And are the blueskycycling ones basically the same? And, one last question-they all have a pretty good wicking system, right?

They are all made by six six one but those are just different dealers.

I personaly love the wicking system I can have them on for about 8-9 hours.

i agree with ntappin. i have worn my 661s for a whole weekend one time cuz i was too lazy and tired to take em off after riding for 3 days straight.

p.s. i was camping good fun!

i have to get me some new shinguards as well…
hopefully i can score some 661s on sale at my LBS or some of the FOX North Shore or whatever shin guards. The fox ones are just as good…

well, night ppls.

I just got some 661’s from that site-sweet deal, and they work great. There isn’t a ton of protection for your calfs, but there is enough to avoid some nasty cuts from teeth/spikes.

bought some FOX North Shore shirnguards.
I like 'em a LOT.
They have as much coverage as the 661’s, and to me the padding is a LOT more comfortable, and they conform to my legs better.
But that’s just me.

definately would recommend them.