shin/knee pads help

Hi i’ve been unicycling since September 1st, so i can ride very comfortablly now with tricks and such. But, on tricks such as the kick up mount, or side mounting, when i mess up i end up smacking my self in the shins with the uni. I’ve been looking at the pads, and the competition is the 2009 kris holm percussion leg armor, and the sixsixone 4x4 leg armor. The sixsixone is cheaper, but which one would be the better deal?

KH is the way to go. 661 the plastic brakes after a few hit to the shins. KH is worth the extra few $$$$

Recently I had KH, but this summer at NAUCC I got huge sores on my legs from them. I was wearing them a huge amount though, probably around 8 hours per day. Kevin K. also got them, wearing KH’s, but no one wearing 661’s had that problem (that I know of). Now I have 661’s and I am just as happy with them. You probably won’t have a problem with the KH’s though, unless you unicycle a huge amount.


Thanks for that, but im wondering if i should just go with some old rubber martial arts shin gaurds i found. They dont protect my knees or back of my legs, but i have already purchased them so no price problems with those. Also i could just put on some skateboard knee pads and would that be close to what the shin gaurds are? Im not looking forward to spending 60 dollars on shin gaurds when my unicycle was only 75$ and through a school tax credit. Many thanks, Peter

I used soccer (football for non-US unicyclists) shinguards to learn to freemount, and they were very helpful. I think the martial arts shinguards would be fine for low-risk activities. If you are cruising down nasty, rocky trails I would go for better shinguards, but for basic tricks your current shinguards will be much better than nothing.

I will mention that I have had problems with 661 shinguards. Mine may be too large. They ride up on my leg and rub on the side of my thigh just above my knee and lead to sores. I have a KH shinguards on order in a smaller size that I hope will fix the problem.

I’ve been using the 661 4x4’s and been very happy with them. A new riding buddy uses the fox launch knee/shin guards, and likes them a lot. They do seem really well made but I think they are a bit heavier and maybe will feel hotter than the 4x4’s.

Uh oh

I can do all the free mounts, every one messes up occasionally though. But im currently doing street unicycling, riding parks and such. should i interest myself in the shin gaurds? and im getting mixed views on the gaurds, but right now im interested in the sixsixone’s for price reasons. :thinking:


I’ve been able to find the sixsixones at a reasonable price, and im going to go with them. I am not that extreme YET, so i think they’ll hold.

I used the 661’s because they have full leg protection. I have two gigantic scars on my calves from pedal bite.

Pros: Lightweight, flexible.
Cons: Hot in summer, take forever to put on.

A Race Face rep showed me these:

They’re full wrap with shin protection and quite breathable. I already put my name down to get a pair.