Shin+Knee Pad protection

Where do i buy shin and knee pads from in the uk ? only has one type and they are quite expensive ! Please help


The 661 4x4s are the most popular for unicyclist, and these are the cheapest you’re going to find, plus free next day postage. check out the fox north shore pads.

fox north shore are good but u can still get bruised through them.
i just got a puncture in the back of my leg whilst i was wearing them.

yeah but i got quite a nice scratch from the 661 4x4 while trying to unispin. In the back they are quite protected, but i jsut got unlucky and the pedal went between the two straps.

The 661 4x4’s are very good though, get them off ebay or sommit

No pads are going to completely protect you, if you land hard on your knee on flat concrete it will still swell up like hell (speaking from experience), pads just help lessen the amount of damage you receive. If I didn’t wear my 4x4’s my knees would be dead as opposed to bloody and swollen.