shin guards

I’m looking into buying some shin guards, but on all there are knee/shin guards. Is that what all of you are riding with, because they look really bulky and uncomfortable. I just want shin guards without the knee. If anyone could recommend me to a pair, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

no. the kh ones are great. i ride with them every day and they are very comfy.

Have you been to any department stores by any chance??? Okay, so there not as great as 661s or KH. But they do their job too. :smiley:

Get the shin/knee guard combo.

I just recently sold my Krusher pads that had only shin and ankle protection, I found when I fell I landed on my knees… where there was no protection… :frowning:

I regret selling them, but I’m going to buy some KH or 661 pads with knee guards as well.

Also want to get some KH Pulse gloves.

you should get 661s, I found a website where I bought them for like $20


I bought mine on eBay for about $20.

Ill find it
Here it is for $20, but only sizes small and xlarge

And here for $13, but only in youth small

So… I guess you either have to have really big or small legs to get them cheap, but small fits me fine
Im about 5’3 and pretty skinny

These 2 velcro straps on my pads always tear off though… But I got my grandma to make them stronger :smiley:

I ride with 661s… they rock and are very comfy.
I recommend them… if you fall you will hit your knees, not your shins - knee protection is needed just as much!

I was riding once, trying to do unispins and I hit my frame right in the ONLY ungaurded spot on the front of the legs, right between my knee and shin… It got me soooo mad!! :smiley:

Based on this, I would be fine with XL then right?

What are these measurements? My shin bone (top of it) to my ankle bone is 37cm. I am 6’ tall.

I honestly have no idea how to measure your legs, I tried… but I just couldnt do it
But if it will fit, you should buy them :smiley:

Do you have a tape measure by any chance my friend cause that’s how i measure my legs.??? :smiley:

I E-Mailed them.

On their site it tells me shipping is $18… I’m hoping they will quote me something lower in an E-Mail.

I sold my shin pads because I found I hit my knees more often than shins.

Were they…
A) 661s.
B) KH.
C) Some cheapo brand.

If its C then i don’t blame you for selling them.

Lizard skins
661 veggy wraps

both are good
i prefer the lizard skins

D. None of the above.

They were Krusher pads, some of the best shin/ankle protection you can buy.

Good luck finding info on them.

:stuck_out_tongue: I dunno which parts of the leg to measure

They look awesome. :astonished:

From what i remember it was from crotch to the floor with shoes on, not your trouser length. :smiley:

You would be like 4 foot tall or less if you measure that way.