Shin guards

Does anyone have any idea how to make a shin guard for uniing coz i am stuck. I would buy them of UDC but they r too expensive. Everytime i try to unispin i lannd on the cranks but only just nd i keep slipping off nd wacking myself in the shin and calf :angry:

you could buy some soccer shin guards and have one for the front of the leg and one for the back. Even though the 661’s can be expensive they are definitely worth saving up for.

cool thanx man

One thing about buying things on the internet, even with shipping and handeling, you can always find it for cheaper than other places =p

Heres a good place =p

I have some Lizard Skins I’d let go for cheap (plus shipping.) I can’t remember what size they are (no tags on them) but they’d cover you all the way around shin and calf if the fattest part of your lower leg is about 11 or 12inches.

They’re used, black with the logo in white going down the sides. Check out a picture of shin protectors here:

how much are u offering?

my bad how much are u asking