Shin Guards

Maybe a bad way for introducing oneself to the forum, but I’ve got to ask the stupid question :wink:

Can anybody tell me, what’s the difference between soccer shin guards and the special bicycling shin guards? I know, the one are meant for bicycling, the others for playin soccer. But why? Is there a reason against using soccer shin guards for unicycling trials? (or a reason FOR bicycling guards)
I have neither of them, but I just recognized, soccer shin guards are way cheaper (: …

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these are good shinguards for BiccLig/unicycling:

These are soccer shinguards:

You can see that shinguards designed for Biking covers a lot more of the lower leg and is better suited for nasty pedals hitting the leg from any direction.

One will make your legs hotter than the other- and probably protect better and cost more. It’s up to you how hot and protected you want your legs to be, and if you consider knee protection to be important.

i used soccer shin guards before i got my sixisxone’s for a little bit and they were really bad, go with the sixsixone 4x4’s because they are way better then soccer shin guards, and i think i did a thread on this before you might want to do a search, but im not really sure

thanks for the replies!

@habbywall: Yeah… I found your post :slight_smile: ; But you just said you would try to use soccer guards.

I haven’t got the money for the sixsixones at the moment. so should I wait until I can afford them or should I get soccer shin guards for the time being?

As I see it the soccer shin guards are at about 15EUR, and the sixsixone at 45EUR.
What about these ones? :
They don’t seem much bigger than average soccer shin guards but nevertheless they are suggested for trials.

Anyways :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for helping me!

those soccer shin guards look like they would work well for riding bc. just turn them inwards.

I found some catchers shin knee guards from my local sports coach. They were free too. I took off some of the extra pieces i didn’t need. They are kinda big but work perfect.

I bought my 661’s for $20. That ain’t bad