Shin guards

I have been looking into shin guards recently and i was wondering if anyone has ever tried or thought about using catcher shin guards to protect your legs, i was looking at these because they come in a bunch of colors and one size fits all. Ideas?

Bad Idea

I was a catcher in High School. Catcher’s leg guards are very bulky. Also, the cheap ones are shit. I don’t know how much they cost off the top of my head anymore. I bought some KH percussion leg armor, but they are too big for me despite following the sizing chart. After switching to plastic pedals, I haven’t felt the need for any leg protection.

I used to wear a pair of hurling shin guards but found them unecessarily bulky.
Unless you’re going mad altogether I wouldnt bother, them catchers shin guards look huge.

No doubt every possible kind of shin protection has been discussed somewhere in the 25 or so years of messages on this forum. Catchers’ gear has come up before, I know that.

I started with a pair of adult size soccer shin guards, which are light and at the local Target for not much money. Minimal protection but they saved me from hard pedal hits several times in the most clumsy beginner stage when my feet got tangled up in the cranks pretty often.

+1 for soccer shin guards. I have been practicing 180 unispins and various jump mounts recently. The pedal makes a loud “whack” when it hits the shin guard. Not the coolest looking setup (I also wear volleyball knee-pads), but a lot cheaper than some of the alternatives.

soccer shinguards plus volleyball knee pads, but strap in a piece of material – I used some old camping-pad foam – to protect your calf and especially your Achilles. I learned the hard way that injuries to these two areas can be super painful and slow to heal (unless you are a teenager).