Shin Guards?

I’m thinking about getting some shin guards but I’m not sure yet. I was thinking I should get them since I’m trying to learn some actual tricks but I think that I just want them because I’m being a little girl and I’m to scared to land them (unispins). What do you guys think about shin guards?

GET THEM. If your trying tricks, they will save your legs and they give you loads more confidence (sometimes too much which is a bad thing). I have 661’s and just today, within the last few hours, they saved my legs four times when the pedals hit them (I was trying a lot today). Any one of those hits could have lead to a hospital visit for stitches, and in that case I would have payed much more for a 1-time hospital bill than for the shin guards. Some people say that the wrist guards are more important when unicycling, but I think shin injuries far outnumber wrist-and-hand injuries.

Both of my legs are healing from some bad pedal scratches right now. One injury was from taking one lap around my street and I thought I wouldn’t need them. Well…I did. And I payed for it.

But a warning: shin guards don’t guarantee shin safety. four days ago I tried a unispin and the pedal went up and under my shin guards, got stuck, and shredded my leg. I have no doubt it would have been worse if I didn’t have them, though.

I hope this helps and I hop for your sake that you decide to get shin guards before a bad injury.

Essential. No doubt about it. I don’t care who you are, or how tough you think you are, but if you are smart, then you own and use a pair of shin guards.

I don’t use them every time, but for me they are what keep me in tact.

When I don’t use them, I usually wish I did.

Not even a question. Get them, your shins will thank you. Not only will you get confidence but you’ll be saved from most pedal bites. I can’t go a ride without them.

get them now! 661 has good ones that arent to expensive and provide good leg coverage. they are a little hot, and tend to slip a little, but thats a small price to pay for not having your shins turned into hamburger

After a pedal bite I got some 661 Veggie Wraps ($25 at Pricepoint). They are very comfortable and have saved my shins!

I actually wouldnt get 661s unless you are cheap. The latest models have ventilated foam (holes) instead of being a solid foam lining. They also took the solid plastic in the front, and took big square chunks out of it. A pedal, edge, rock, log, whatever, hitting in that chunk, has a high chance to go through the ventilated foam and cut your leg, or just give you a nice, hard thump. And its pretty much mid-shin, so a place where you end up getting hit quite a bit.

Dont let heat be a factor for you. Youre out unicycling, working out, and wearing extra/insulating pads on your legs. Your gonna get hot, and your gonna be sweaty, jsut get sued to that.

Id suggest something that is more solid than 661, and there are a lot of other companies that make a lot of other shin guards. It isnt just 661 and kh.

Definatly get them. For one, they will save you from alot of pain and scars. For two, you a girl so I asume your kinda concernd about you legs :sunglasses: . They do get hot but get used to it. Their protection overrides their heat.


lol, no I wasn’t trying to say I was a girl, I was saying that I’m acting like a little girl and didn’t want to land the trick

It is funnnnnnny…

Please, look TMC on videos here, what incredible tricks do ‘LITTLE GIRS’ without any guards at all.
It does not mean you should’nt buy the stuf. But little girls can do big boys job and gracefully too.:slight_smile: Old man.

Oh I know lol, I was just kidding. I bet tons of little girls would be able to kick my ass in unicycling:D

Definitely get guards! I wear mine almost everytime I go out and they save me multiple times each sess. The times I don’t wear them I think I’m just going to mess around a little and do easy stuff but then I still get pedal bites for not wearing my shin guards. Just be sure to wash them once in a while; they reek after a few sweaty sessions.

Oh yeah, and Pigs on Unicycles, I’m a girl but I don’t wear guards because I’m afraid of scars on my legs. :wink: It’s all about confidence and not getting hurt so I don’t want to ride anymore.

My bad:o. I misinterpreded it. Sorry.


Hard to imagine you wear them “all the time”, with all the loosing of them/them being highjacked that happens.:wink:

Well, I try. :wink:
I have a pic for you (Sam) but it’s too big to post here so I put it on my myspace. Feel free to jack it.

I have 661’s and they always slipped down, exposing my knees, plus they didn’t have enough knee padding for me. So I cut off the knees, sowed them shut and added some skate kneepads. Works much better but takes longer to put on.

KH Purcussion pads don’t have fit problems like 661’s often do, plus they have padding on the inner knee for hiting the frame, are cooler, and faster to put on/off.

I spray painted my 661’s white and they are much cooler when I’m in the sun than before.