shin friendly street pedals

I’m looking for some "shin friendly” street pedals. Before I had some nice medal ones with pins (with I still have) but I changed them to some rubber ones thinking I would get better traction without the risk of killing my shins. Also, when I had the metal pedals and was practicing crank grabs I was tearing up the wood, which was a bad thing. If I where to get metals pedals with pin and took them out on one side to that my foot came in contacts with the pins would that work out? Any suggestions on what medals to get under $50? I searched the forums for topics like mine and I wasn’t able to find the answers to all my questions.

Won’t help with the destruction of obstacles, though.

I agree, get the 661 shin guards.
as for tearing up the wood, I advise you get grind plates. they’re meant to help slide when grinding, but they provide a flat area helpful for pedal grabs as well.

ditto on the grind plates. Taking the pins out of one side is a good idea too (cheaper:D).

I just recently bought a pair of 661s and they are so nice! :smiley: its improved my confidence level i love it.

Oddysee twisted platform pedals plastics…