Shim advice 25.4 to 22.2

Silly me, I just ordered a new frame from UDC and realised that its too large for my seat post without a shim. My post is 22.2 and the frame is 25.4 meaning I need a shim of 3.2.

However, it seems UDC is out of shims of that size. So what would work as a Temporary shim until I could by one from UDC or elsewhere?

Beer can? Hockey Stick Tape?

I wouldn’t use the tape, it’ll compress and not work well. Aluminum cans used to be the cheap shims of choice for the trials riders back in the day, go with that.

+1 on this.

Just check periodically that your shim hasn’t deformed or moved from where you first put it… you can end up deforming your frame in the process.

Tried a beer can it did not work very well. Could not get the thickness required. Tempted to try a tin of beans.

Maybe I’ll just send the frame back and get it exchanged. :frowning:

Get a new seat post.

i’ve used electrical tape and it worked really well

I would get a new seat post…

Seat post on order.