Shifting Hub Pics?

Does anyone know where I could find pictures of harpers or anyone elses hub.

a functional diagram would be best, but i’ll take whatever i can get.

just trying to figure out how to make a hub that you can shift on the go.

More pictures than you can shake a picture-shaking stick at are on Harper’s website:


Plenty of pictures and hella-awesome CAD animations on UniFrank’s (not me) website:


P.S. Good luck! It’s about time the world had a shift-on-the-fly uni.

thanks alot.

it looks like my ideas are very similar to what harper has done… good for conformation i suppose.

greg’s also posted a variety of ‘essays’ on the forums about why it’s unlikely that a shift-on-the-fly uni can be made/ridden

do have ideas to overcome those problems?

this one and this one contains some of the previous discussions

Wow! The first “this one” was my very first post back in January. Ahh…memories.