she's on her way! oh no that means goodbye 2:-(

Finally after about 2 weeks of talking about it, i ordered my muni! It’s a qu-ax with splined hub + cranks. I have not heard of any one in the uk or u.s having one of these.So in a month or so once I have given it a good ride or 2 I will tell you what it’s like.Friday is when it get’s to me but I am away on a college thing so may not get to ride it till sat unless a little be room trials happens:-)
This also means goodbye for a while as if you read my goodbye thread you will no I am going off unicyclist when I get it. so goodbye ride hard and jump off and land on both feet if you can!?!?!!?!?!?

well hope you have a gd time with her, i envy you, i realsied the other day i NEED a Muni,
email me when you know how much the muni miltia t’s will be, so i can take the right amount for ytou at the BUC, gotta limit my spendin money in thailand next month. take care and ride safe
laters, tom