SHES BURLY!! (muni)

I got in the mail yesterday a Semcycledeluxe offroad conversion with a
2.6x26 duro tire, oddesy(sp) cranks and pedals and air seat. She is awesome. She
plows over everthing! (Im using my brothers seat post John). I will bring her
to NUC. Now all I got to do is figure out how to attach a handle.

Re: SHES BURLY!! (muni)

I ride the Semcycle seats because they fit me better and for a handle I screw a
piece of shaped maple to the underside of the seat with 1/4 20 machine screws
drilled and tapped into the metal. I remove the seat cover for the drilling and
tapping and I am careful to countersink the screw heads just enough so that the
end of the screws do not go far into the padding. I have yet to break this
arrangement and since it is on the very front of the seat and projects a bit, it
seems to prevent wear from dropping. I did bend a seat with this arrangement and
now I take them to a welding shop for reinforcment. I am bigger than most riders
so it may not be a problem for you. Good luck.