Sherwood Pines accident (not me)

I’ve posted here many times over the last 15 years or more about my rides in Sherwood Pines, mainly on the KH24. I have often been dismissive of the “experienced riders only” warning on the “red routes” and I have poured gentle scorn on the mountain bikers who labour around on over-specced machines. I’ve ridden most of what Sherwood Pines has to offer, including many — but not all — of the obstacles on the downhill course.

So I was genuinely shocked today to discover that my next door neighbour — a very strong, fit and experienced triathlete and cyclist in his 40s — recently put himself in hospital after coming off his bike at Sherwood Pines. He has suffered what his wife describes as a “brain injury”. At the moment, he has some problems with speech and is reacting slowly to the speech of others. However, he is expected to make a more or less full recovery over the next 12 months.

I could not think of a more cautious bloke — the sort of guy who always obeys the speed limit on an empty road — and he was riding with his school-aged son, so I doubt he was pushing the envelope in terms of speed or jumps.

Yes, I know riding those trails on a unicycle is slower and in some senses less risky than riding them at full speed on 2 wheels.

Never get complacent, folks. One unlucky fall is all it takes.

Yikes. What a nightmare. The brain can find ways to compensate for damage. It might be a hard recovery though. Let’s hope he turns out alright.

thatˋs what i say, always wear full protection, even if you are getting tyred of wearing it. one little moment can change your life.

That’s true for life in general. Some religious people might disagree; but I’ll say that, being cautious is the only protection we got.

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