shen guards?

hey everybody! im new to this forum and need some help. the shen guards every one is wearing, where do you get those?

661 4x4s or the kris holm leg armour are most popular, most bike stockists for the the former, for the later

Does the sizing chart for the KH leg armour by height also apply for the 661 4x4s?


yea i wont the sixsixone 4x4s. im 13 and im real small. does it mater which size.

first, learn to spell, then:

buy some shin guards. let’s see, koxx-one makes some nice ones, KH makes some great ones, the 661s are pretty horrible quality in my opinion, but they aren’t very expensive, and they still mostly get the job done.


I have the 661’s and dont mind them at all… Down here i dont class them as cheap!

they are if you have the discount code…


Ahhhhh, well then;)
I got mine locally from a MotoX store, they had to order them in and they ended up being cheaper than everywhere else i could see them… I got them for $60AUD and everywhere else they were $90AUD!

You obviously know the right places to go and the right people:)

I got my KH percussion Leg armor today and so far I like them quite a bit.

The only problem I have with the KH pads is that they offer little bump protection for your knees. After ripping a ligament and pulling my kneecap out of place twice I’m gonna try sewing in a gel patch or something.

they have much better knee protection than the 661s.

I’m going to get their new knee pads that are coming out and wear them underneath.

He will, after you learn to do physics :wink:

The KH ones can take a lickin i know from personal experience…i can post a pic of what i mean. They can tear but stop ripping after about an inch then WONT rip ANY more. They have taken quite a beating and are lookin good after about 5 months.