Sheffield Muni

This is a thread which I like to post every few months, so here we go again-

Are there are Muni-cyclists in Sheffield, England?

If so do get in touch as it would be good to ride with other people occasionally.

I’m also pretty involved with the poi and juggling scene here so feel free to get in touch about that.

not from sheffield, but I’m up in the peaks next week (going there tomorrow), if you fancy a ride round that way at some point. (I’m in Castleton - near Hope train station).

My mobile is 07905 696427, I probably won’t be reading email.


Re: Sheffield Muni

Sorry, I don’t live any where near you. BUT…

What do you mean by poi? Like poi balls? I’m sure you don’t mean the food that we here in Hawaii are so fond of.

daino149- poi are a twirling art from the New Zealand Maoris, a bit like a circus skill- if you visit: -
there’s a video I made for the Sheffield juggling society website of me Muni-ing, cut with brief clips of poi and meteor twirling.
There’s loads of poi stuff on the net so let me know if you want to find out more.

joemarshall- I think I can make a ride next week and will give you a ring to arrange it