Sheffield, England!

This Thread is to find all people that live/unicycle in sheffield!

If you unicycle in sheffield please reply to this post and we can arrange a meeting, especially trials and street cyclists!

So far we have myself (14), my brother (16) and my little friend (13).


There was a chap at the unihockey tournament in Manchester last week called Simon who’s from Sheffield. He posted on a thread called: “hockey tournament manchester…” Do a search for it and send him a pm.

There’s also a guy I know as Ninja Dave in Sheffield who rides, I think he goes to Sheffield university juggling club.

I sometimes visit Sheffield and there’s a chance I may move there for a bit on th near future. When I’m next headed there I’ll give you a shout and we can go for a ride.

Would that be the same dave as onewheeldave?




I think the Ninja Dave you are refering to is the same person as Unicycle Dave, who lives in Sheffield and goes to the Flying Teapot Circus!

I’m really looking for more people to do Trials and Street with in sheffield. I’ve seen people unicycling around sheffield on beefy unicycles but I never get to them fast enough (they’re usually riding away from me).

I will search for simon and tell you how it goes

And finally. Move to Sheffield! :slight_smile:


Sounds like Onewheeldave to me.

Hi Andy

I believe I had you on my msn for a while. I’m still at the very basic stages of unicycling and am desperately looking for somewhere indoors (or outdoors with other people so I don’t feel a pratt when I fall off) to practice. The place I used to go has ended it’s Wednesday night meetings due to lack of people going so does anyone know of anywhere to go that’s suitable please? :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m 30. :smiley:

im from norway, but i have family in sheffield, and rotherham… :smiley: just so you know!:wink:

I live in sheffield, I’m 17 and I regularly do trials/muni at millhouses skatepark and in derbyshire. It would be really good to meet other unicyclists from sheffield.

I recently joined the Sheffield Unicycle Hockey Group. We meet on Tuesdays at 7.00pm at a pitch near the city centre. This is shown on the map. All you need to bring is a unicycle. The hockey sessions are free! Iv’e got the email of the guy who runs it if anyone needs it.