sheepskin seat cover for long rides?

With all the threads about improving saddle comfort, and reducing pressure on the crotch zone, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried adding a sheepskin seat cover to your existing saddle; in my case, an air saddle. On long coker rides, it seems that no matter WHAT I have tried thus far, including wearing padded bike shorts, using various types of foam over the inner tube, or no foam, saddle position etc, I still experience crotch pain and numbness to the point that I have to stop. So I thought about getting a sheepskin bicycle seat cover and putting over the exsisting fusion covered air saddle, in the hopes that it would at least offer that extra amount of pressure relief that would/could make the longer rides more comfortable. I have a feeling that it probably won’t help much as I searched the archives for “sheepskin cover” and found absolutely nothing on the subject. I’d like to hear from those who have tried it and if it helped. Thanks!

No need. Im not allergic to latex. :o

hmmm, a weak attempt at humor, but thanks for trying. What do we have for him, Bob? :wink:

Actually, I DID say seat cover.

i never tried sheap on my unicycle seat, but i did use them on my bike from time to time, for when i was riding out to my dads house, and they were sooo comfortable, but for the unicycle im not sure, but it should help

I’ve had a sheepskin seat cover on my 45" big wheel for 20 years. It’s definitely not as comfortable now as it was way back when, but it looks nice on there.

The cool thing about it is it was made to fit a Schwinn seat. I got it at the 1985 New York Cycle Show (same one where the Semcycle was first unveiled in the US). The company was called something like The Sheepskin Seat Cover People, and one of their sample designs was one for a Schwinn unicycle seat. There weren’t a whole lot of other seats in those days.

It couldn’t hurt, but don’t have huge expectations…

BTW, the company above is likely no longer around, and I don’t know if their unicycle seat cover ever went into production.

Please stop acting like you know it all and are too good. I think you get shaken up too easily about things. For example, when I posted something in your tube valve-holder thread, you sort of freaked out about us repliers beacuse you thought we were denying your idea’s helpfullness by not posting direct comments. In reality, we were just commenting on posts part way through the thread.

We’re a funny group of people here, and there is no rule against humour in a thread (of course in moderation)…if there was, Harper would be banned…:wink: Sometimes you have to sift to find your answer or helpful comment. Most importatly - if you don’t have a sense of humor (not a bad nor good thing), then you’ll just have to skip, ignore, or tolerate the humor that spiddles out of our odd, bug-filled unicyclist jaws. :slight_smile:

Sorry if that sounded like an old…or young…stick in the mud, but it’s just some forum etticate tips. :slight_smile:

(P.S., I’m not going to harp at all about these sort of things like a lot of people do, so don’t worry. ;))

You’re the one who seems to be ultra-sensitive. Could you NOT see the smiley face following my reply??? And the classic game show announcer classic: “what do we have for him Bob?” You’re too young too get that I guess. I actually laughed to myself when I read that first reply! HE was kidding and SO WAS I. Cool down and take a deep breath young man. And YOU really need to take your own advice and have a better sense of humor. I laugh HARD every day and my sense of humor is alive and well, thank you. Ha, ha, ha, he,he, he! Sorry you keep taking what I post the wrong way. Now, let’s move on. by the way, you should check out “Family Guy”, it’s the funniest thing on TV IMHO!

Btw, thank you to all who have replied to this thread in a helpful way; I really appreciate it!

Handbags at 10 paces.

Have you managed to find a sheepskin cover for your seat yet?

NOw THAT’s FUNNY!! I liked that.:smiley: NO, haven’t got the sheepskin seat cover yet; BUT…I’m trying “memory foam”. It seems to me that maybe, just maybe the best and most effective way to take some, or all of the pressure off your bits, (actually the ,most pressure seems to be on the urethra!) would be to make some sort of “channel” or groove about 7-10mm wide (in the center) and another 5-10" from the back towards the nose. This should allow a lowered area for the most sensitive parts to rest with lass pressure than the rest of the seat.

I like the sound of my bits resting with lass pressure :wink:


How many people immediately wondered if UniTyler understood Mango’s joke?


Perhaps mango “takes it in the seat”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda thought he didn’t get it. I was contemplating explaining it to him (He IS still a kid) so he’d realize why I replied the way I did, with humor, even though on THIS forum, unlike “just conversation”, I was expecting a bit more of a serious answer to my question. I read posts from some people who use profanity and all kinds of inappropriate “terminologies”, not taking into consideration that we have young ones reading these threads.

Even though Tyler is several years younger than me, I still consider him my peer on these forums, the same goes for those more than twice my age. I guess unicycling really brings us together! Ahah. I really cant think of any other situation where I would be casually discussing my interests with someone over the age of thirty.

That’s true. From the posts I’ve seen since my fairly recent join-date, I’ve seen great posts from ages 6-65!:smiley:

Re: sheepskin seat cover for long rides?

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>How many people immediately wondered if UniTyler understood Mango’s

Immediately? Is UniTyler on your mind that much? He hadn’t even shown
up on this thread when mango uttered his joke.

Thought I was clear. I meant “upon reading Tyler’s post, how many blah blah blah…”