Shed got broken into!

Hey guys!
Sometime last night my shed was broken into and both mine and my girlfriends Bmx bikes got stolen! Mine was an Eatern and was worth about £500, and my girlfriends was a bike that I made her for her 18th birthday!

Its soo frustrating knowing that some little theiving chav-scum is riding round my bike!

Both my unicycles were in there too! Luckily they were probably too stupid to realise what they are and left them!

Im keeping my unicycles inside from now on. The worst thing is, we are not insured!!! So no more Bmxing for me now, coz ill never be able to afford another bike!!

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:



id go around the local second hand shops and make sure its not in there.

that sucks, just… i hate them

Some people are scum, if I were you not only would I look round the second hand shops, I’d look round the local area with baseball bat in hand!

I’m sorry, that was wrong, but people like that really p** me off!

I feel bad for you edd, hopefully Karma will come around and they will get arrested and you’ll win the lottery.


I know the feeling. Can’t help but be pissed at the people who stole it!

Man I hate burglars!!! Aswell as keeping an eye on the local second hand shops, look regularly on ebay.

That sucks! It seems like there have been a lot of thefts lately. I have read I think three different threads about it. Definately watch ebay and second hand shops. I think Karma will come around.

That exact thing happened to me a few weeks ago, broke in to my garage and stole my 500$ bmx bike and left my uni.

what has this world come to…a place where we can’t leave our uni’s alone without worries?

Yeah, go to the cops and make a report. If they live in the area there’s a good thance that you can find them. A kid from my school got his $2,000 MTB stolen, and the police found it 1 week later.

Thanks for all the words of support guys!

It makes you so angry that these people get away with it! There is pretty much no hope of seeing them again, they have probably been sold already. I have had two bikes stolen in two years now!
I have reported it to the police but they won’t do anything about it, they told me themselves that there would be no point in taking finger prints because they would probably never find the person thats done it.

If I see anyone with either of the bikes, I dont even know what Id do, im so angry at whoever did it!!! I wouldnt like to be them if I do see them!


Bike shops too, that’s how I recovered my stolen unicycles a few years ago (the thief brought them in to get the splined cranks off my DM). Anyplace a used bike might be sold, tell them what you’re looking for.

That sucks:( Are you definitely not covered on home contents insurance?

i HATE chavs :angry:

if you see him riding towards you on one of them…clothsline him and…ride off laughing

what a sight …wow just…wow


dude, also, check ebay it just might be there…and go for a long walk/uni, and have a good look around the place, more than you normally would

Dang! That really sucks, I am very sorry for you, specially with your girlfriends bike, the sentimental value and all…

I hope you can get them back.

I’m sure am glad I keep all my unis, 4 of them, and when I had a bike, in my room.