shed drop/gap

is it just me or is this fairly enormous?


p.s. anyone know who it is?

Yes, I’ve seen this video before. Looks to be atleast a 10ft gap.

YES :astonished:

it’s huge, but he doesn’t land it, he slides off the pedals at the landing

I think that guy’s on ecstasy. He’s way too excited and energetic.

He’s really all over the place in that vid.

pretty big yah. also pretty easy way to break a few bones

then again the same guy who uploaded that video also uploaded this:

Here’s another try.

Less luck this time.

he didn`t land it though

ya, wow, nice gap but, wow, that over vid, that was,…stupid.

he didn’t land it.


Here’s the same guy (i think) doing huge cliff drops, but without a uni)

It looks like he landed it though. And hes not very smart.

First one looks like he landed it and just rode of the screen. I dont see him wrecking on it, so you cant say.

He didn’t land it. You can see his wheel slipping off from under him. He couldn’t have ridden out of that position.

Ive ridden out of things likte that plenty of times. Specially when messing up on a stair set. I land leaning too far backwards, but manage to ride out of it.

if he didnt land it, its just stupid…

now everybody is going to post “unlanded” high drops and you guys will be “wow”…

I still give him respect for at least TRYING it…at least twice! I don’t think many on this forum would even try that size drop. I wouldn’t…well, maybe! :sunglasses:

I’d try it if I found out I the world was about to end and I couldn’t think of anything better to do(unlikely).