She learned in 3 minutes . . .

My daughter (18, and a Junior Olympian) just returned from a year in Germany where she trained with the National Team in her sport (track and field). She’s got the best agility I’ve ever seen and can basically do any sport way better than I can, which really pisses me off.

This morning as I was getting my shite together to go Muniing, she got on my 20 inch freestyle (which I never use), leaned against the wall, pedaled back and forth till she felt comfortable on the seat as I gave here a bunch of instructions which she ignored. Then she simply rode off. I thought it was a fluke and she did it again, riding for about 100 feet. She’s out on the street now and soon as I’m done here I’m gonna look for my rifle . . .


hahahaha!! that is sooo awesome…someone I know once could ride like ten feet, after about fifteen minutes of practice, but thats the fastest I’ve ever seen someone learn…amazing!
just out of curiousity: whats her event in track, and how fast or far or high can she do it?

She wouldn’t ride so well with broken legs. I may have missed CMW but I’ll WALK down there to make sure she never rides again.

That is so cool. Is she going to ride with you are you too dorky?

Bet she’s winding you up… many hours of secret practice at an undisclosed location… then a “spontaneous” leap onto a unicycle and riding backwards… Prob’ly a plan to get you to keel over in shock so she can inherit your vast estates and fortune.:stuck_out_tongue:

But is this another step towards unicycling becoming an Olympic sport?

I love this thread!

Re: She learned in 3 minutes . . .

So, vivalargo, are you still behind what you wrote a few weeks ago, in
thread “Rules you learn as you get older”?

>Be happy with a moderate learning curve–you don’t
>get hurt so much and you’ll eventually learn the skill anyhow.

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That is great, John!
I think maybe a little father-daughter muni ride down one of those nice little Santa Barbara slopes should put her in her place, at least temporarily.


It’s your own fault. If you had only brought her up propperly and kept her buisy with mandolin playing and embroidery and other respectable activities suitable for young women, you wouldn’t be facing the embarrassment of having a unicyclist for a daughter. You have to watch her more closely from now on. You might learn something :wink:

Is she single? :wink:


Haha, thats awesome. Out of the hundreds of people that tried it at Ocean City, NJ there was one surfer who said to me, “Dude! I’ve always wanted to try one of those!” freemounted and shakily rode away and made a swiviling turn and came back to me. Said that it was really fun and then walked off. That was pretty amazing, if he’d really never ridden one before.

My one friend who picks up stuff really fast made it about 15 feet on his first try, but I’ve got to say that is a lot more amazing. So yeah, I’m with Catboy, if you just want to give a cell phone number or something, that’d be great. Haha, just kidding.

I used to think people who learned to ride within minutes were evil, and something had to be done about them. But later I noticed they weren’t a problem. Very few stick with unicycling. Those of us that actually had to work and work at it appreciate it a lot more. If it comes too easy, often the new rider doesn’t appreciate the skill, and moves on to other things.

Like track & field, and an actual chance to be in the Olympics in her athletic lifetime… :slight_smile:

that is way cool! 3 minutes…geez.