She Is Complete!

I finally got around to finishing my uni, and she is complete. Specs:

Kris Holm Street Fusion Seat
Black Aluminum KH post
Black Two Bolt Clamp KH
Blue Aluminum 07 KH Frame
Koxx 1 Cranks (140mm)
Koxx 1 Hub (reinforced)
Viz 19" Rim in metallic red
Gold Rim Tape (not my choice)
Silver DT Champion Spokes
Monty Eagle Claw Tire

And here are some pics:


Right, forgot about them. Specs:

Pink Straitline Pedals

And this uni is as light as the new Kris Holm’s and perform just as good if not better for trials.

The pedals look red in the pictures… Weird. Very nice uni though.

How much did that cost you? i still have to come up with like…$300 for a new uni…

Quite a bit of money

Umm…well the pedals are pink…its just that I had to compress the files and it looks really bad but whatever. The price I paid in total was alot, but it was mostly alot of upgrade throughout my progression. It started out as a Bedford Hardcore, and none of the parts from that are left on. I went with that, then i got a KH cromoly frame (black) with a KH seatpost and the clamp (KH). Then I broke my seat post numerous times, and got fed up and bought a rail adapter and rail post. Then I got really annoyed with them cuz they got in the way of SIF riding, and I decided to get rid of my crap heavy frame (very beat up), and I bought the new KH frame, seatpost, and clamp. Then I came across a great deal for a barely used wheelset (one in picture), and jumped on that deal and got it for a very good bargain. And then…I got some pink straitline pedals for christmas that year from my parents because I broke soo many different types (they decided to buy me the best ones-135$ :astonished: ). And so here it is, the amazing beast. Oh and i broke my seat recently (before I took the pics) and that cost me aswell.


Hardcore Uni-750$
KH Cromo Frame-125$
Rail Post-14$ (deal at bike shop)
Rail Adapter-35$
Straitline Pedals-135$
KH 07 Frame-175$
KH 07 Street Fusion Seat-65$
New bomb wheelset-100$ (plus gave the person my old frame, rail post, adapter, and clamp)

Total= 1463$

So, in total not including shipping or anything, 1463$ was spent on my trials uni over a course of two years. (I should have just gone with a KH in the first place, then upgraded from there). And I still have my old wheelset for sale, Profile Trials Wheelset. Check that out on the trading post.

no way
that thing looks great

The red rim my choice but it does kinda go with the pink pedals. The frame was supposed to be a black 07 Frame with the red rim and pink pedals, but it ended up that I didnt want to spend the extra 60 odd dollars to get it powdercoated. I might get it powdercoated in the near future or when i go to Toronto for a little bit (Darren can do it), or when it just gets really beat up. But otherwise, I don’t really care what it looks like, to a certain extent, but performance is all that matters to me right now.

Hope you guys like it,


That price list is really out of date.

great uni, great pedals… but horrible choice of rim…

Viz are notorious for collapsing on the sidewalls because of that stupid brake line indicator. If you wanted a completely red rim you should’ve gone for either a Try-All rim OR the Revell rim (which is exactly like Viz but without silly line on the sidewall).

Anyways, enjoy it mate.

Hmm…well i will see how it holds up, but if it does bend, then i will be sure to ask the guys what is the best drilled rim. Otherwise its a great uni, and its performance is amazing.