Shaving a TRY-ALL tyre bald

Hi there,

just bored right now, and I’ve got a worn down-as-hell Try-all tyre here, and I feel like shaving it to slick. Aside from the grueling long method of filing and cutting with a knife, is there any quick way of doing it?

Sandbelter or something?

thanks in advance

Do you have just a plain hand sander? Like for wood and stuff? If you do then just use that. Keep your tire inflated on the rim and sand it with the hand sander. It would be easier to do than using a belt type sander, but either would work I guess.

Just be carefull, bad things can happen when you get bored.


and while we’re at it, what’s a blind trick in street anyway?

I’m assuming it’s doing something opposite to normal way or something?

I have no Idea. Im a Muni rider. sorry.:o

A blind trick is the oposite to normal (not swich though)
e.g you normal unispin anti clockwise, a blind would be spinning clockwise. or nrmal grind with right blind would be left ect…

I have one, It was pretty bald when we started then Evan, Cody and I cut all the kobbies off with razors then Evan smoothed it all out on a belt sander. I think its easier to just slice the knobbies off than sand them down so it should be faster this way than only using a belt sander.

thanks Spencer, that’s awesome

how long did it take for you to cut through the knobbles with a razor btw?

That is hard to say since a lot of the time we had two of us going at the same time. I think it only took about 20 minutes then later Evan said it took about an hour for him to smooth it out on the belt sander.

Evan and I have also shaved a luna all on a belt sander and that took so much longer. The luna is on my bc and its really nice.

How long does a shaved down tire actually last? It seems like once it’s gets worn down and thin it will start coming apart… I’ve had that happen before with several non-trials tires just from over use.

What is the benefit of shaving a tyre bald?

Better grip on flat surfaces. Spins and turns nicer, feels smoother. Might as well just run a bmx rim and tire though.

there was a thread a bit ago about cutting a more aggresive tread on a coker tire and the guy used a special tire cutting heat knife that cuts through the tire like butter. try searching for it.


I have had my bald Luna since the start of this year, it hasn’t worn through at all.

these bald tires seem pretty nifty…
has anyone put any holes in them yet?

Ive been running my CC tire long enough that it is this bald, and ever since I got to that point, I havent noticed any more wear on the tire. It seems like its going forever in its bald state.

Yep, that’s the way I did one to.

Peter M

that is weird, i took the anglegrinder, electric knife thing and sander to my Luna this afternoon purely out of boredom. only got half of it done then boredom overcome once more and i went of to find something else to do.

WOW, the things boredom can do… I sure know i will not be taking to my Luna in this way:D
Do you plan to finish it when you get boreded again?

Why not do half the tire bald, and leave half knobby? Then mount the tire according to what foot forward you use, and what surface you’re on. Set it up with the desired tread on the bottom half. Deflate the tire, spin it 180, and now you got 2 tires in one. :sunglasses:

lol that wouldn’t work, exept for pirrouettes, jumps, ect…the knobbly part would be pretty much useless ( you know how you continue to roll the tire as you ride??? :stuck_out_tongue: )