shaving 26" tyre

Here’s a photo-


Wear down a Duro in 3 weeks?
I didn’t know you can you skid with a unicycle.

3 weeks was a guess- on reflection, possibly not an accurate one :slight_smile:

And the tyre in the picture is, I believe, over a year old, and to get it that smooth would take way longer than 3 weeks.

Then again, the Duro is meant for off-roading, as I ride mainly on concrete, that does get rid off the knobbles pretty quick.

When going down steep hills I also enjoy ‘carving’, board style, which will also wear patches on the tyre (mainly in 2 specific places much like idling does).

Actually, I’ve just remembered another reason why I prefer 24" over 26"- a fat 3" tyre on a 24" works really well and isn’t overly heavy- a 3" on a 26" wheel is overly heavy (IMO)