SHave yo tire

So to shave a tire, it is basically cutting the knobs off and then sanding it? Also, i know the Creepy Crawler is not the best candidate for being shaved, but would it be bad? I just want to be able to see how a tire would be shaved. THanks

if you want to bald a tire a luna would be the best choice since the sidewalls are the stiffest. The way i shaved my tire is i just used the belt sander and went away at it for a few hours. There are different methods out there such as using a razor to cut the knobs off then sanding the tire down.

But you can practice on a CC and thats what i did but i hated the tire so it was just practice for me. Another good tire to bald is a tryall tire. You can try to find a used one so it wont take as long.

oh yeah almost forgot! be sure to use a gillette power fusion razor, and lots of shaving cream. makes it all a whole lot easier ;D

Yeah the shaving cream is a must!