Shauns Video

I was wondering when it was comeing out. I just hadn’t been on here for a few days and hadn’t heard any more on it. Is all the footage in and everything? Is he just editing it? Is there a set date? I’m looking forward to it!!

I personally gave up.

He’s set his date about twenty times.

Maybe more.

I don’t care anymore.

Aw that’s too bad. Oh well.

This weekend should be good. I’ve had about 10-11 work days in a row. And juggling school work with homework has been tricky. I love my new job but i’ve been swamped with it. I love money though. I’ll have a lot more free time wiht weekend. And i’m about 7/16 done with editing. As for you not caring. I finished my part long ago, and shot a bonus part finished that about 3 weeks ago. Editing has been slow with my new job, but i’m putting together a full length video in about 2.5 months (total time). About 7 to 8 times faster than other people have done it. Also it’s my best stuff, in two different styles.

Oh yeah, also the mythbusters thing took some time too.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Expect this weekend. I’ll book and make it all pretty.

Wait so the vid your working on now will be out in 2.5 months?

no. that’s ho long he’s been working on it…

Defect took like 2 years or something.

What Mythbusters thing? :thinking:

It’s not Shaun’s fault the date has been pushed back. Thats what happens when you are getting footage from a bunch of different people.

Its definately worth the wait for a better vid.


This is like that one night session vid, I think it was that one. Shaun said he was filming it, then it was taking awhile, and someone posted a thread asking where his vid was.

did you round that up? i have a feeling you’re really only about 13/32 done.

we are so spoiled. Shaun makes great videos almost every week, and then when he works on making an especially great vid, and it doesn’t come on “time” we pout and complain. lol.


I have been exciting about this weekend!!
I can’t wait to watch shaun’s new video. Time to get ill.


WTF! I cant believe some people, I feel like I’m repeating myself from a thread identical to this one, but its not our RIGHT to get a video from Shaun, we shouldn’t expect it. Like it has been said, this is a Defect quality video done in 2 months, that is fantastic timing! So some people just need to chill out, people have busy lives and can’t commit 100% of the time to make us happy. Go and make a video of your own if you are so impatient and wanna see some good riding, get better, use the time productively instead of moaning about it.
I bet nobody bad mouths Koston and Mullen when their videos takes more than 2 weeks to make and produce.