Shaun's Macht Nada Vid Trailer

Hey everyone,

I’ve just finished a small Trailer for my vid. I hope you all enjoy.

(Thanks for posting Kelly H.)

-Shaun Johanneson

Another great one man. Thanks for all the inspiration.


Is this a promo for a DVD?? is there going to be other riders in it??

Fantastic as always, u never drop the ball shaun, keep it up.
Great music too, what was it???


INternet vids are the new hot since capturing the best riding in a DVD would be difficult because of the advancement. This vid is just of me ranging from 4 minutes to 6 minutes.

-Shaun Johanneson

Wow! That riding is intense. Wow!


nice video

That was really awesome. How high was that rolling hop up that wall? It looks good when the editing is fast and stuff but then I can’t tell what most of those flip tricks even are;)

shuan is the sicknesss


Thank you, the rolling jump was 41.5 inches, or like 107cm or so. Sorry about the really fast editing style, can’t show you everything right away. lol. Thanks for all the comments, hope it’s a crowd pleaser.

-Shaun Johanneson

ha i loved the yeti yell at the end…lol

that was good

i liked the fakie hop down the set, and the hop over rail. nice stuff

I can’t wait for the full length 4-6 minute vid!

jawol! die film was macht friet unt gut! take care buddyholden!

I want it now!

Looks like it’ll be another awesome vid!

Tell your cameraman to try and avoid getting his shadow in the shot. Just makes it easier to see what you are doing.

What is the high jump world record plz ? 107 cm isn’t a world record ? :astonished:

i’d love to know what the current unofficial/official world record for hopping on to something or over a high jump bar?
i’m busting a mere 82cm at this point